3 Best Online Fax Software for Remote Working 2020

Online Fax Software

The technological advancements have brought up ease for professionals to work remotely. Along with this comfort, there comes a responsibility that you should always use software or application which ensures data privacy.

While working in a firm, it is your duty to take care of confidential information. The issues worsen when it is about fax transfer. Fax machines were a thing of the old days but finding a smart yet reliable solution is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Therefore, below-mentioned is some of the best fax software which could be used dependably:

1. CocoFax, Transfer Faxes Remotely

Browsing Google Fax Free blogs to check more free fax software will let you know that CocoFax is on top. Well, this top position is indebted to the fully-functional features of CocoFax and its error-free mechanism assists users to work remotely and transfer files wirelessly.

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Fax machines and papers were the first things that crossed everyone’s mind whenever there was a discussion of fax. However, the time changes everything and that is what CocoFax did. It has successfully replaced the traditional fax transfer mechanism with its smart features.

Sending and receiving faxes to any other corner of the world is just a matter of a few taps with CocoFax. DO not worry about any usage issues as it is already being used in more than 190 countries. CocoFax has one million subscribers and is still counting.

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What Makes CocoFax the Best Fax App?

Google Fax Free has the answer to your queries about CocoFax; available at Google Fax Free blogs. CocoFax is providing its users a seamless platform to send faxes from their internet-capable devices and vice versa. CocoFax has many useful features in stock for its esteemed user.

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CocoFax web-app works as your smart assistant which carries your confidential files securely and hands over them to the designated personnel. To help you decide, here are some of the facts providing that you will be at an advantage while shifting to CocoFax.

  • Provides easy management of fax
  • Transfer confidential documents securely
  • Maintain a record of business agreement
  • International fax transfer is free of surcharges
  • Send and Receive 100 faxes a month
  • Easy access from any web browser
  • Email-to-fax and fax-to-email services
  • Android and iOS fax transfer applications

CocoFax also provides free fax numbers so that you do not have to wait for the response from your phone company. After registering, you can choose a dedicated fax number and use it to send and receive fax online.

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Why Should You Choose CocoFax?

You can go through these points to get familiar with CocoFax facilities and how they are useful for remote working:

  • Download and Installation Free

Unlike other fax transfer utilities that require the user to download then first and follow the stepwise installation process, CocoFax does not include all these procedures. All you have to do is navigate to the official web of CocoFax, Signup and you are ready to use it like a pro.

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  • Ease-of-Use

Any application could not be used unless or until it has an intuitive interface, CocoFax is developed by a highly proficient team of developers thus incorporate easy processes. It is just like a plug and play interface as you can use it just like other off-the-shelf web apps.

  • Adaptable Fax Solution

There are many fax apps available in the market but some of them are machine or platform-specific. It troubles the users as they have to meet the product requirements. However, CocoFax works well on all kinds of devices whether you are a MAC user or using Windows OS.

Adaptable Fax Solution

  • 24*7 Availability

It is termed to be one of the best features of CocoFax. You do not have to worry about being away from your work desk. CocoFax allows you the freedom of sending and receiving faxes anywhere, anytime. Just connect your mobile to the internet and you are good to go.

  • Usability and Efficiency

The average number of users refers to the front-end success of any application. As CocoFax is being used not only in companies but students are also using it. Whether you want to transfer a PDF file, Word document, or Excel sheet; you can send them from the CocoFax dashboard.

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The fame of CocoFax has crossed the international media forums. New York Times, CNET, Android Authority, Forbes, and Life wire have endorsed CocoFax for its effective services. It is continuously facilitating its clients with an error-free fax transfer mechanism.

2. Fax Authority

This utility offering the facility to send and receive digital documents as fax comes second in the list. It is also providing users a simpler, easier, and faster way to send all kinds of files as fax from their smart devices. Having an internet-capable device is the only requirement for using it.

It does not require using plugins or other third party services. You can effortlessly use it without worrying about the errors or warnings. Make sure that you get your credentials first because dedicated accounts come with great security and safety features

3. WiseFax

WiseFax services offer its users to send and receive faxes to and from their smartphones, laptop, and desktop computers. Connecting your digital devices to the internet and following the usage procedures enables you to transfer faxes on the go.

It supports many file formats so that you can send all of them quickly. WiseFax incorporates encryption algorithms to keep your data safe from unauthorized users. Using this fax transfer facility, you can transmit digital documents as a fax file to all over the world.

Concluding Remarks

In a nutshell, it could be stated that CocoFax has excelled in the online fax services providers with its reliable, usable, and efficient services. Millions of users are getting benefited from their online services from their mobile phones or laptop.

Now you can work remotely and still transfer important agreements like fax using CocoFax services. The latter two apps are also useful when it comes to sending and receiving documents over a secured transmission medium.