5 Tips to Keep Mobile Phones Safe While Enjoying the Rain

Tips to protect mobile phones from rain

5 Tips to Keep Mobile Phones Safe While Enjoying the Rain

Monsoon is the most wonderful season in the country and with the rains come the ‘Monsoon Gateways’. During this season, you have to be equipped with gears at all times just to ensure you do not mess up the outfit and you stay dry while going to work. In the same way, you have to be sure that smartphones too stay dry at all times.

Even if you love being drenched up in rains, your phone does not support this activity. This means, your phone must be kept dry at all times, but how is it possible when you have water around you all the time.

Here are some tips to keep your device (Mobile Phones) protected from water damage, while Enjoying the Rains-

  • Use Hands-Free

The best and prior method to protect mobile phones during heavy rains is by using a hands-free device. It might sound odd, but most of the Bluetooth devices are designed to be safe from the water and sweat. Moreover, while using a Bluetooth device, you can keep the mobile phone away from rainwater.

  • Tempered Glass is Always a Good Option

Tempered glasses go through a process of heating and cooling before they are distributed among the retailers. The cooling is done through chemicals which makes it extremely durable when compared to other screen protectors. Along with protecting the screen from scratches and fingerprints, tempered glasses also work as a waterproofing technique for mobile phones.

  • Waterproof Mobile Pouches

Yes, there is a wide range of waterproof mobile pouches that you can choose to keep the device away from water. They are capable of protecting smartphones while being submerged underwater when locked properly. Apart from using these pouches for smartphones, you can also use them to protect cards, money, and other gears that you use. The front side is covered by transparent plastic, you can see the screen of smartphones very easily. Just lock it and get going.

  • Prepare Backup

So, the above-listed tips would help you in keeping the device away from water damage. But, there is one more thing that you can do during monsoon, preparing the backup of the data. It is the smartest thing to during rainy season devices such as smartphones get slow due to the moisture and might get affected internally.

  • Spare Phone

Most of the people are involved in business/occupations that require constant calling and during monsoon season, it can lead to exposure of smartphone with water. By using a spare phone such as a Java phone, you can keep a smartphone protected and carry on with the work.

So, these are some of the tips that would help you in keeping smartphones protected from water. In case, the water still enters your device, you can follow the listed steps to rescue the water-damaged phone.

  • Switch Off the Phone Immediately.
  • Remove the SIM card, memory card and battery from the phone and blow them with a dryer.
  • Now, wipe the smartphone gently with an absorbent cloth or a newspaper.
  • Use a dryer on the smartphone to make sure that water does not move any further.
  • Now, take a bag of uncooked rice and bury your mobile phone on it.
  • Let it be there for almost a day and if needed, keep the device under sunlight to completely dry out the water from it.

If you love getting wet in the rainy season but you are concerned about your mobile phone, these tips would help in keeping the device protected from getting water damage.