A new smartphone with 192MP camera sensor to launch soon

A new smartphone with 192MP camera sensor to launch soon

A new smartphone with 192MP camera sensor to launch soon

In a world where you have already seen a 48MP, 64MP and even a 108MP camera sensor, how about getting yourself ready for a mind-boggling 192MP sensor camera device? Yes, it is true, and the smartphone is likely to launch next month in China.

Since last year, the main competition among top smartphone brands is on the basis of their camera sensors and this year is going to be even bigger and better! However, only Xiaomi and Samsung currently have a phone packing in a 108MP sensor, something that felt quite unimaginable just two years back.

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This latest piece of news comes from a Chinese radio station, which has declared that this unnamed phone will be powered by the outstanding Snapdragon 765G and also have an extraordinary 192MP camera sensor. Well, if the report is correct then it will be the first device with such a high-resolution sensor. The device will have a mid-segment chipset that means the phone will not be premium-grade. The smartphone Mi Note 10 from Xiaomi currently offers the world’s first commercially available 108MP camera system, but only a Snapdragon 730G to power it.

The device is expected to be launched next month although the name of the brand is still a mystery. It is possible that it will be one of the Chinese giants among OPPO, Vivo or Xiaomi. However, there is also news about LG, that is has been touted to reveal a Snapdragon 765 phone in the coming month. However, it would be far-reaching to assume that the brand will be the first to launch a 192MP sensor.

Not much is news is known about the sensor but the company would most likely be using 16-in-1 binning to create extremely precise 12MP images or 9-in-1 binning to produce 21MP images. Looking at the current situation, there are not many companies who can come up with such an impressive sensor, but a most likely contender could be Samsung.

Let’s wait and watch.