Alleged Leaks of Google Pixel 5XL Show Triple-Camera Setup

Google Pixel 5XL

Amidst the news and rumours of Google’s upcoming mid-range Pixel phone, Pixel 4a, it seemed unlikely that there could be news of anything else coming from the global tech giant. But here we are, with news about a Pixel 5XL

According to a YouTuber Jon Prosser, he has shown the alleged first render of the upcoming Google Pixel 5 XL, on his channel Front Page Tech.

Google Pixel 5XL
                              image source: FRONT PAGE TECH

This specific report cited a CAD (Computer assisted drawing) that was imagined into a 3D render. Prior to reporting on his findings, Jon Prosser, in his video, said he wanted to be sure his sources were reliable before releasing a video. He has mentioned that this is one of three prototype renders, which means that the render may or may not materialize into the Pixel 5 phone. According to the report, the other two prototypes have a square camera setup, like the current Pixel 4

The leak shows us the back of the phone for now, with a unique-looking design. The phone is reported to keep the same texture finished on both the frames and the rear glass, both matte/soft touch. As for the cameras, there are three on this render, and the lower-middle one is expected to be an ultrawide angle camera. If this is true, it will solve for the biggest criticism that the Google Pixel 4 faced, where it was bashed for launching the phone without an ultrawide camera despite all its major competitors having it. 

Now, all we have to do is wait till Google or some other leaks officially confirm these findings.