Android 10 Go – Get Faster Interface, Higher Security and Much More

Android 10 Go

Android 10 Go – Get Faster Interface, Higher Security and Much More

You must be aware of the latest version of Android from Google – Android Go Edition. Designed specifically to function in the low-powered devices, it will improve the operating system’s speed and security. The lightweight operating system in the Android 10 Go functions smoothly even in the device with RAM less than 1.5GB. Moreover, it will make app switching faster, memory more efficient and apps will launch 10% faster than they did on the last version of the OS.

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Android 10 Go will also witness Adiantum, the new encryption standard which is designed for low-powered devices that Google announced earlier this year. As per Google, Adiantum is five times faster than the Android’s typical AES encryption used in the low-powered devices. Moreover, it does not even require any specialized hardware to function and it also makes stronger encryption on cheaper devices much more feasible.

According to Google, around 1600 Android Go devices have been released by 500 manufacturers since 2018. Across 180 countries, the operating system can be found in almost 80 percent of new entry-level Android phones making it a very important OS. As per Google, the devices running on the Android 10 Go edition will start releasing in the coming few weeks.