Android 11 May Feature Scoped Storage for Faster App Processing

Android 11

After the announcement made by Android about following a numerical order for their future version of OS, Android 10 featured some impeccable features for consumers around the world. Though Android 10 has just started rolling out with every device, rumors have started to flow in about the next Android OS which is expected to be launched by mid-2020. As soon as Google unveils the key feature updates in the mid-2020s, the company will introduce a new OS version to the Pixel devices by the 3rd quarter of 2020. Once Android 11 successfully runs on the Pixel devices, it will be distributed to manufacturers for providing software updates to all the latest smartphones.

The Beta version of Android 11 is expected to be announced around March 2020 and the final version may roll out from August 2020 for all Pixel phones. Once Google pulls the curtains back on the new Android version at Google IO (most probably by May 2020), Pixel devices will be the first ones to be tested with the updated OS.

Features in Android 11 OS

Currently, there is only one feature that can be confirmed in the new OS, scoped storage, which was meant to be a feature in Android 10. With scoped storage, access to a user’s file and information is restricted to any type of app, resulting in faster processing, better security, and improved app permission requests.

Confirmation on other features of Android 11 is a bit hard as most of the flagship devices in the market have not even received an update for Android 10. Once they are updated with Android 10, more news will be confirmed on the features of the next OS version. Although, there is confirmation on only one feature right now, there are several features expected by the users for Android 11 OS.

  • Better Dark Mode

Better Dark Mode

A lot of popular applications are now optimized for Android’s all-new dark mode, like Instagram, YouTube and so on. But, there are still some cases of text turning invisible after the dark mode is turned on. This problem is not limited to some categories of the application, but it can also be seen in G apps like Google search recommendations. Some application do look good giving the OS a cleaner look, but it is not worth if the application does not function properly.

  • NFC File Transfer App

NFC File Transfer AppWith the introduction of the Android beam, file sharing is an easy process as users needed to put the phones together and files used to get transferred in no time. With Android 10’s launch, this feature was no longer available. Now, users have to go through a bunch of steps for sending a file, that too using 3rd party application. So, several expectations are being made for the same feature to return with Android 11.

  • Chat Bubble

The bubble feature in Facebook messenger keeps a conversation floating over all the applications making it easy for the users to chat and continue with their work at the same time. This feature is available with Google’s message app as well like Hangout, but they have not been introduced for other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and so on. So, it will be very impressive if this bubble feature becomes compatible with these applications making the conversation on these applications easier.