Apple iOS14 will allow users to use their apps without downloading

Apple IOS

There are a number of leaks that we are getting our hands on, and these are all regarding the upcoming iOS 14. One of these leaks is related to app downloading and an impressive new feature that iOS may bring.

Recently the website 9to5Mac reported a unique innovation that may be a part of smartphone brand Apple’s next iteration of its device operating system. The feature will be known as ‘Clips’ and it will let people experience an app without having to completely download it.

The feature was created by analyzing the Clips API, which shows that people will be able to experience a portion of the app with the help of interactive cards. This is similar to Slices in Android, which displays interactive portions of an app in Google search results. The brand’s Clips will hold the QR code reader to scan a code connected to the app of their choice and then get the interactive parts of the app.

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This is surely going to be useful for users who’ve seemed curious about an app, installed it, only to understand it wasn’t something they were looking for. This innovation would help counter such circumstances where you’ve wasted bandwidth downloading an app, only to remove it right after. What would be fascinating to understand is if paid applications would allow a comparable experience. Right now, if you spend for an application and aren’t satisfied with it, there’s no simple way to receive a refund.

Apple doesn’t officially approve refunds for paid apps, but will issue you another app if you bought the app by mistake. If the brand does end up completing this feature, it could additionally help stop people from spending on apps, only to discover later that it isn’t something they required. Well, currently we can only assume that Apple is going to bring a lot of surprises for its users with iOS 14. This can also include different wallpaper settings, and also the capability to choose non-Apple applications as default