Apple’s First Foldable Device to be launched in 2021

Apple’s First Foldable Device

Apple’s First Foldable Device to be launched in 2021

Apple belongs to the segment of most preferred brands in the global market, primarily due to the fact that it has several devices available in the market and most of them are known to provide great value for money.

To keep up with this legacy, Apple is now involved in developing a foldable iPad that will support 5G-connectivity and have a folding OLED display. The device will feature a 15-inch screen and will fold inward to create a laptop-like form factor. It can also be denoted as a Compact MacBook with dual displays.

As we all know, Apple has been a step behind in terms of adopting the latest trends in smartphones and laptops. It will be interesting to see a device from Apple that supports 5G connectivity and unfolds to a 13 or 14-inch screen when the iPad Pro tops out in a 12.9-inch screen.

It is easy to imagine how attractive this product would be, but it will be more impressive to witness how the iPad and MacBook finally get a crossover that is ideal for daily use. The device is so far expected to be launched in 2021 and the wait is still on. For now, reports suggest that the company will adopt 5G in their upcoming devices by the year 2020.