Battlegrounds Mobile India – Latest News Follow Up

Battlegrounds Mobile India

There are many excitements about the arrival of Battlegrounds mobile India but, there is some fake news among the highlights and the news updates you need to take care of. As we all know, that Pubg was banned from India recently because of its Chinese shareholders and, now it has been finally announced by the same company that they will release an Indian version of it.

The Indian government sustains its ban on Pubg to date since December 2020. This act of the Indian government over China border tensions encouraged other Asian countries to ban this popular app. According to the Indian government, the app harms the defence system of the nation, storing and stealing Indian data in Chinese servers for international benefits.

The news is trending all over the youth, that now the Pubg users can play battlegrounds mobile India, an app similar to PUBG with Indian rules and regulations. The game is the creation of Krafton, the same company that made Pubg.

The Krafton Company is a Korean gaming company that recently released the coming of battlegrounds mobile India in front of the Indian government, promising 100 crores of investment and many job opportunities for Indian youth strictly sticking to the policy and guidelines provided by the Indian government.

Trending Highlights To Catch Up On Battlegrounds Mobile India

  1. There have been several highlights from time to time, the first of it into the Grand announcement of Battleground mobile India.
  2. The poster release of Battleground mobile India by the company through different social platforms. It took the verge of a trending topic on Twitter, discussing all sorts of possibilities the gaming and the company could bring to the country.
  3. The company cleared some doubt as the Indian version of Mobile gaming Pubg will have a series of quests related to India highlighting Indian locations.
  4. The company also promised to help India socially and economically grow to provide various opportunities for the youth.
  5. Battlegrounds mobile India will also include more features with an Indian authentic theme. The company stated that they would take care of the gaming addictions of the youth by constantly stimulating notifications throughout the game.
  6. It is also in the news that mobile towns battle India will not be available for gaming below 18-year-old kids without parents’ consent and supervision. Kids will need to take their parents’ acquiescence and provide their phone numbers and email ID accordingly to access the game.

Fake News You Should Be Aware Of Regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India

As there is excitement about the new app, there are also some fake news and claims, dimming the celebration. You should be completely aware of what is fake and what is real? People are falling into traps and claims that are trending with the news. The highlights that you should be aware of which is wrong are:

  1. Firstly, there is no confirmation that the game will be completely premium. Hence, it is difficult to say that it is completely premium. All the rumours and the fake sites that claim to provide the APK of the premium version for less price are completely fake.
  2. The company is fully abiding by the rules and regulations provided by the Indian government so, there are no issues that harm Indian security. The claims and the hatred of opposing this game with this highlight are untrue.


We need to beware of things that are true and untrue and abide by the terms and policy of battlegrounds mobile India that we don’t get addicted to it. It’s just a game and not our life.

Between excitement and awaiting, celebrations should keep going on. As the most trending and popular game in India has come in the Indian version.

All assumptions and pre decisions with outcomes are delivered but let’s wait and see what the game looks like after the actual release. Till then, beware of fake news and don’t get trapped by the excitement.