BBM will end its services by the end of next month

BBM will end

BBM will bid adieu on May 31st

There was a time when BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) was having that stature which WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp are holding currently. It was not just a status symbol, but a necessity and addiction for the young crowd of that generation. But now the scenario is such that despite the BlackBerry Messenger team trying their best to stay in the competition and reinvent the platform to keep it relevant, they saw a fall like never before. After what seems like a lifetime, they’ve finally announced the closure of this consumer messaging service at the end of next month, i.e on May 31st.


The history:

At one point of time, BlackBerry was the producer of the world’s first widely-adopted premium smartphone brand. When the brand was at its peak, BlackBerry owned over 50% of the US and 20% of the global smartphone market, sold over 50 million devices a year, had its device referred to as the “CrackBerry”. But today, BlackBerry has a 0% share of the smartphone market and has a stock price that has hovered in the high single digits for most of the past few years.

The craze:

BlackBerry was once the preserve of the professional and managerial classes helping our leaders keep on top of their busy working lives with mobile email. But later these black beauties spread to the mainstream –not just the corporate smartphone of choice but, surprisingly, that of teenagers as well. And one of the main reasons which influenced this age group was BlackBerry Messenger. They were happy that they could ‘BBM’ their friends and family from anywhere and didn’t need to bother about the expenses. That’s how it reached the pinnacle of popularity.

The challenge:

One of the biggest challenges BBM faced was Android phones, which made easier for the users to use other available platforms. Even the dedicated BlackBerry fans eventually migrated to those platforms.

It’s the end of an era and the team has signed off with a dignified best wishes to their users.