Best video calling apps to use during COVID-19 lockdown

Video Calling apps

Best video calling apps to use during COVID-19 lockdown

We all can agree that due to COVID-19 lockdown, it’s a lonely world we all are currently living in. You might not be able to see any of your friends face to face, but with the help of video calling apps, this can be made possible.

The great news is there’s no lack of video calling apps to choose from in today’s time. Here we have the best video calling apps to install right now and stay connected with your loved ones.

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This app is one of the most prominent video-calling apps, and also one that has been in the business for a very long time. Skype runs on almost every platform, be it Android or iPhone, and can function on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, Mac PCs, and even Xbox One. Skype supports up to 24 participants on a video call at once. This way you can have a team meeting with your office colleagues, share a joke with a lot of friends at once or even gossip with your relatives.


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This is a comparatively recent addition to the world of video calling apps, but it has speedily become very popular, and with good reason. The most important feature the app promises is to make video calls as slick and seamless as possible. The app alerts you as soon as a friend launches the app, so you know they’re ready for conversation.

In this video calling app, there are built-in games that you can play with your friends, so it is not only about chatting. The video calls on this app only support up to eight people so it’s not ideal for larger groups.


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If you own a Mac, iPad or iPhone then you’re already familiar with the video calling app FaceTime – and if you don’t use an Apple device then you can’t use it, which is its biggest weakness. Therefore, if you and your friends are ensconced in Apple’s ecosystem, it’s an impressive video calling choice.

Google Duo

Google Duo
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The app is almost as smooth as FaceTime – it begins the camera as soon as you open it and also ensures that making video calls never takes more than simple taps. It has good features like ‘Knock Knock’ which helps you see the video display of the person calling before you choose to answer.