Bhonga App: A silent loudspeaker to find people around you

bhonga app

Bhonga app connects you with people based upon your location.

Mumbai: If you are new to the city or traveling to a different area where there are no known people around you, and you stuck in an emergency situation, what will you do? Well with that thought, a new social app has been introduced in Mumbai area, Bhonga. This app acts as a digital loudspeaker and provides an individual a power to reach out people in his/her neighborhood whenever he needs. Once downloaded you will be connected to people who are having this app within the radius of one kilometer. The good thing is that the circle in dynamic and moves along with you as you travel.

The app in the beta stage was tested extensively by more than 2000+ users in Mumbai and Thane so that the system is totally bug-free before the commercial launch. “The app is designed keeping in mind the connect beyond family and friends. It is designed to connect people within the same locality without worrying about whether they know each other or not. “The idea behind the app is a very simple one – that of a megaphone or loudspeaker,” said Radhika Agarwal, Director, LinkusInfratech.

We tried to understand the areas a megaphone can be of use and realized the potential and the result was “Bhonga”. Incidentally, Megaphone was invented by Thomas Edison, the same visionary who invented the bulb. The light bulb brought in a revolution when it was used and the same can be done with a digital megaphone which will empower every smartphone user, added Radhika.

Benefits of Bhonga App:

  • One can also put in a voice note and a photo to his post. Security and anonymity are at the heart of theBhonga app, the user’s identity is not disclosed but only the location coordinates from where the post was generated gets shared.
  • This also enables users to fearlessly express their opinions. A locality or neighborhood reach also is at times much critical than the reach to just the family and friends available over other personal messaging and social media platforms.
  • In case you need to share something important to the people around you which may be like vaccination drive, roadblock, water cut, government health camp, or anything you think may be of importance to people around you, just disseminate it on Bhonga.
  • To seek personalized answers to your queries about the locality Bhonga can be very effectively used as people from the same area know a lot more. Examples: Where is a 24X7 medical store? If anyone would like to buy tricycle of my child? If anyone is ready to share a ride when you are travelling? Where to get photocopies done in wee hours, and many more. Bhongaapp helps in seeking human help because there is a human element and self -experienced solution to your query.

Making Bhonga more worthy

Bhongaappnis also in the process of working with several non-profit partners like blood-banks, ambulance services, etc. to make the app a lot more useful. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. The users are offered support to enable them to best use the app. “