Bluetooth is smart but, is it safe?

Is bluetooth Safe

Bluetooth is a medium through which we can connect with almost every electronic gadget nowadays. But this conveniently looking feature has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the major constraints of using Bluetooth is that it can be hacked by hackers easily. Let’s have a quick look at how and where it can be used and where it can be avoided.

The smart usages of Bluetooth

  • Wireless earplugs: Nowadays, most of the mobile handsets are not coming with earphone jacks. In this case, only Bluetooth is the way to connect wireless earplugs to phone to listen to favourite music or watch videos, movies or streaming apps. Not only that gadget freaks need Bluetooth to connect with speakers and smartwatch.
  • Data Transfer: Bluetooth is a fast medium to transfer voice and data from one mobile to another. Its range is also better than infrared communication. And it is also easily upgradable.
  • Free to Use: The good thing about Bluetooth is, it is free to use if the device is installed with Bluetooth. Means there is no data or extra pack is required to use this feature.
  • Many usages: Not only headset, speakers or smartwatch, but this technology is also adopted in many other products as well, such as to connect with a car system, printer, webcam, GPS System, etc.

The risk factors:

Though it looks very convenient to use this feature, actually it also involves some risks which should not be overlooked.

  • Lose connection: sometimes, especially during transferring the data, if the connection gets lost, you have to send the whole data again. It will consume much time.

What we can do: We can use other modes to transfer data, rather than using Bluetooth. It can be a USB cable,

  • Low bandwidth: Bluetooth has a low bandwidth as compared to Wi-Fi. So the device needs to be in the radius of other devices, which let the user stuck for some time.
  • Security is the issue: Bluetooth as a technology is not secure. Like other wireless signals, Bluetooth also sends data through the air, where it can be intercepted by the wrong people. Air is the place where the data is open and can be easily hacked by hackers. So it is advised not to send important or crucial data via this mode.

How you can secure this mode:

  • You just need to check first that the device you are using for Bluetooth is a secure device. Then the chances of data interception get reduced.
  • Another way of securing this mode is provided by the device, i.e pairing process. You have to give and ask for the consent of the device which you are going to pair with, before transferring any of the data. This keeps people safe from the random connectors and hence the data can be saved.
  • Lastly, keep the Bluetooth mode off, when it is not required. Also keep the show your device option off, until you want to pair your data with another device.

Every technique comes with its own limitations. But that doesn’t mean, you should stop using that technique. All you need to be a little cautious and aware of using it.