Changes in work trends following in the UK because of the Coronavirus pandemic


The unemployment rate in the UK was not doing any better through the pandemic. Last week the Prime Minister was talking about the possibility of a second wave of the virus affecting the people in the UK, and it didn’t seem likely that they could close the economy and the market like they did the last time around. The economy and the markets had recently opened, at the beginning of August, since the Government was not sure how they were planning on getting through the pandemic when companies were letting their staff go in such large numbers. People were not open to having all their shops and businesses being closed yet either.

Looking at the number of people losing the jobs, the only way that the country could get through without a terrible recession was if they managed to open the markets and people to begin spending. They were encouraging the supporting of small businesses and were encouraging people to take all the precautions, including wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using hand sanitizers to keep themselves safe. At the phased opening of the economy and markets, they could predict another wave of the pandemic since that trend seen in countries that followed the same steps earlier. However, drawing the line between an economic crash and a recession in the economy and protecting the people, the Government processed specific rules to keep their people safe.

At the time of the second wave, the Government implemented stricter rules and gave the police the power to enforce them to make sure they were keeping the people safe.

Some of the practices followed by companies when it came to hiring were making sure people selected for the job matched the job description. Furthermore, with the high numbers of people claiming unemployment benefits in the UK, and forced to go through their interviews, remotely, it only made sense that companies make sure that the people they are hiring match their requirements. A DBS check can only be conducted by the employer to gather information on their employees or prospective candidates, so they know that they are a good fit. Only employers who can prove that they are running a company can apply for the check, after verifying the

people reviewed are prospective hires or people already working there. They can use the same platform for a DBS certificate, if it was misplaced or if they need another copy.

One of the best parts of using the DBS certificate is that users could review the information online to reduce the amount of time and coordination that it would take to handle.

People should also be open to making changes to their profiles online since this information is what is used by companies when they are looking to hire. While the changes take some time to implement, they have to apply for the changes online and await verification. Only after reviewing the changes, they would reflect. The platform has a DBS update service where they would have to enter their account and apply for changes to the information mentioned there.