Cheap drawing tablets with Pros, Cons and Features

Cheap drawing tablets

If you like drawing and sketching, you might have thought to do it on a digital media such as a laptop or tablet screen. Drawing tablets are a great way to enhance your skills while working digitally.

There are two types of tablets when you consider this option. There is a graphics tablet and there is a drawing tablet and the choice you make must depend on a number of factors.

A graphic tablet is perfect for beginners as it provides a high support to the pressure on the screen that is good for inexperienced people who are starting to learn to draw digitally. These graphics tablets are also much inexpensive than drawing tablets.

Drawing tablets are more expensive yet they provide a better user experience. These tablets are better suited for professional usage.

Benefits of using a cheap drawing tablet:

Even if you want to buy a drawing tablet for a beginner, you can find many of these professional tablets at an affordable price. These tablets have certain features that are better than graphic tablets yet they might lack some features that are available in more expensive versions.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using a cheap drawing tablet:

Pros of a cheap drawing tablet:

1. Multiple device connectivity:

A best drawing tablet allows you connectivity to different types of devices. You can connect a drawing tablet to an HDMI, USB and C-type USB cable.

2. Digital screen output:

You get a digital screen media on which you can draw and get results through a digital screen. This helps in getting rid of the old fashioned paper pen sketching and provides you with a modern tech medium.

3. Compatibility:

These tablets are compatible with Mac OS, windows and android operating systems.

Cons of using a cheap drawing tablet:

1.Easily damaged:

The risk of these devices getting damaged is pretty high. You are using a pen to draw which exacts pressure on the screen. This makes the screen prone to get damage under the pressure of the pen or your hand.

2. Expensive:

Even though these tablets are available at a cheap price, they are pretty expensive as compared to graphic tablets. These tablets are also highly expensive than windows laptop and many android phones.

How to get a best drawing tablet at an affordable price:

Finding and selecting a best affordable drawing tablet can be a bit problematic for beginners who don’t usually know which tablets to start from. You will need to do a lot of research in order to find a suitable device that you may like. And it can be quite overwhelming when you don’t know which things are considered best when it comes to selecting a best tablet that is available at an affordable price.

The best choice to deal with this issue is to get an expert’s advice. Here is a proper guide that will help you in considering the best features to look for when you are selecting a cheap drawing tablet.

When you observe these features in a drawing tablet, it will be easy to compare these features in different laptops and then you will be able to get a tablet which suits your needs and skills level.

Here are the features that should be considered when buying a cheap drawing tablet.

1. Pressure level / pressure sensitivity:

The thickness of the strokes that are drawn by pen and the lines drawn on the screen are controlled by level of pen pressure and the pressure sensitivity that is being put on the pen by the artist while drawing. The pressure sensitivity levels can be set from a range of 512 to 8192 points. The best pressure level used by many artists is 2048.

2. Scrollers:

Getting used to using scollers in a tablet can be a bit tricky for many beginners at first. Transitioning from a mouse to screen strolling with a pen can be difficult but once you get used to it, it will be quite easy.

There are two ways to stroll a tablet screen, first is to use fingers in a swiping motion and the second way is to use the pen or stylus.

The selection depends on your skills and you also need to make sure that the stylus is programmed correctly for strolling. Otherwise it will make more strokes instead of strolling.

3. Short cut keys:

Short cut keys or more commonly referred to as hot keys, provide a shortcut to your most frequently used tools in order to provide more efficient drawing.

In a good affordable drawing tablet, it is mandatory for the hot keys to be customizable so that artists can assign their own shortcuts.

Some laptops also allow you to design a customizable work space where you set your desired short cut keys according to the work you are doing. In this way, different artworks will have different customized short cut keys for them and you will be allowed to have a plethora of options to design your artwork.

5. Connectivity:

There are different connectivity options in a drawing tablet and it is necessary for the tablet to be connected to a PC or a laptop in order for it to work.


This is the most common connection option for a tablet to PC connection. But when it is connected to a PC through a USB cable, you are bound to stay at one place and the tablet doesn’t remain much transportable. The benefit of this connection is that it doesn’t fail and provide a reliable connectivity for a long time.

Bluetooth / wireless:

When you connect a tablet with a PC or laptop through a Bluetooth connection, it doesn’t require a wired connection. The ability of a wireless connection allows you to use the tablet easily.

You are allowed to use the tablet anywhere and it makes the tablet easily transportable. Yet the wireless connection also has its limitations, such as, you will not be able to take the tablet very far away as it would affect the blue tooth’s range and can be disconnected.

These are the things that you must consider before making your final choice. It will help you a great deal in selecting a cheap drawing tablet.

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