Could OnePlus be Releasing Its Own Version of ‘Airpods’?

OnePlus Airpods

Could OnePlus be Releasing Its Own Version of ‘Airpods’?

As more and more smartphone manufacturers jump into the ‘wireless’ fray, consumers are now increasingly beginning to ditch corded earbuds in favor of their wireless counterparts. Right from expensive offerings like the Apple AirPods Pro, to even the Huawei FreeBuds 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Buds, there are many popular and not-so-popular-but-affordable options out there, waiting to be lapped up by enthusiasts. And now, even OnePlus looks ready to leap into the wireless era and rake in some moolah off the wireless earbuds action.

According to a recent tweet by Tipster Max J. (@Samsung_News_), new wireless earbuds are in the offing from OnePlus. While there was no information about the possible earbuds from the post, there was a definite concept image hinting at an upcoming product.

While OnePlus already has its own line of wireless earbuds, they still feel a few years behind the competition since they have a cord connecting the two buds. Now, with a pair of true wireless earbuds from OnePlus, the company will finally be able to join the league of experts in the domain and underline the company’s reputation of consistently undercutting the competition.

When Apple launched its AirPods, they met with extremely mixed reactions. While some hailed them as the next big leap towards wireless technology, others, mourning the death of the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack (RIP), looked at them as regular headphones with the wires cut off for a hundred dollars extra.

Today, the game has changed, with people choosing the sleek form factor of true wireless earbuds during their daily routine. Beyond this, the high price point of most earbuds has led them to be a sort of a status symbol. It now remains to be seen if OnePlus will be able to overcome the price barrier to once again deliver a phenomenal tech gadget to the world.