D.I.Y Affordable Ways to Make Your Phone and Accessories Unique

Having a mobile phone is not enough. Having the best smartphone is also not sufficient. What you really need to complete your phone are accessories that will make it look more attractive.

Phone accessories are not just shiny dangling objects, but also save the phone from damage (cue, smartphone case and covers). However, not all accessories are always affordable, and some can just downright burn a hole in your pocket.

But we have some tricks up our sleeve that can make your phone look quirky and unique, without having to spend those extra bucks. Add some personality to your phone by following these do-it-yourself techniques.

Pretty charging cable

Facncy charging cable

Bored with the white charging cables and tired of cleaning the dust that get stuck to them? There’s a way you can protect the cable and also make it look colourful. Remember the invention of your childhood called scooby string? Just wrap those strings around the wire from start to the end and tie the knot so that the wire doesn’t open.

Not only this, there are more ways to protect your cable from breaking. You can use a spring and insert it on the wire. Whenever you bend the wire, it will not break and fray the wire from the initial point.

Contemporary cases

Most people are bored of using white cases, and they anyway eventually yellow and look old and dirty. But there is a solution for everything, even yellowing. You can make those cases look cute, too. You just need to buy some fashion and nail accessories that are used in nail art such as pearls, stones, and small beads. Refer to this video to see how you can use them.

You can also make your new transparent cover unique by painting on them and making them look more different from others. All you need is nail paint for making designs on the cover. For bold and contemporary phone cases, add some geometric details. To do this as simply as possible, use tape. Washi tape is still a popular way to add fun details to craft projects relatively inexpensive. To recreate this design, head to your local craft store and pick up three different colors or patterns. If you’re having trouble, look at color palettes online to get inspired.

Don’t have a case for your phone? Not a problem

You can make your phone case with glue gun by just following simple steps. Cover the phone with aluminum foil. Now just follow the shape of your phone using the glue gun. Only cover the four sides and the back of your cover with the glue gun. This will turn into a phone cover.

DIY mobile stands

Nowadays, mobile stands are not easily available, and even if they are, they tend to be very expensive. You can easily watch movies and videos on the phone by keeping it still on the table or bed. The only thing you need are ice cream sticks and electric wire.

You can watch the video and try this out at home