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In India, all senior citizens have the opportunity to avail of some benefits. With this, they get some ease in income and convenience for other purposes. Several facilities can be availed with this card. Also, the population of elderly people is increasing in our country. This is happening due to the improving health, longevity, improvement of other facilities, and much more.

Senior citizens in India have some advantages to reduce their financial burdens, help them in many ways. Other than enjoying with family members in old age, they can enjoy other things also.  Below, in this article, we will explain the ways to apply for a senior citizen card along with the benefits of having it.

Some Benefits of Having a Senior Citizens Card

1. Less Expensive Air Fair

With Indian Citizenship, senior citizens can avail discounts on air travel tickets. For example, if a person is more than 63 years old, Air India provides about 50% discounts on the actual ticket price for domestic travels.

2. Various Tax Benefits

For senior citizens of India, during retirement, there is relaxation in the tax laws. If a person’s age is 60 or more, the Income Tax Department considers that person to be a senior citizen. Also, they consider people of age more than 80 as super senior citizens.

3. Less Telephone Charge

Senior citizens get subsidies over telephone bills also. BSNL customers can apply for registration. Also, their registration charges are waived off. Similarly, MTNL provider up to 25% discount to senior citizens. You need a senior citizen card for your proof.

4. Banking Benefits

Several banks in India have introduced their special programs catered towards senior citizens through special accounts, discounts, investment benefits, and more. Bank branches typically have separate queues for senior citizens for your convenience. Many offer special accounts for old persons with facilities like issuance of senior citizen cards, priority service, better interest rates, and more.

5. Other Welfare Benefits

Across all sectors, various welfare schemes are unrolled for senior citizens in India. Hospitals typically have separate queues and counters for the elderly to help with registration and clinical examination.

Step by Step Process to Get SCC

Required Documents for application

Documents that you need to submit during the application procedure:

  • A filled application form.
  • A current full-face photo without wearing any cap (almost 38 x 50mm in size with the name on back).
  • HK Smart ID Card [If you apply by mail, please submit a replica of your HK Smart ID Card].

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Login button or create a brand new account.
  2. Now, login to your account, and a window will appear.
  3. After that, find the revenue department and click on thereon then click on the senior citizen certificate button.
  4. Enter all the main points like name of husband, district name, etc. Then, you’ll receive a form in another window.
  5. Click on the Submit button in the end.
  6. Now, a new window will ask you to upload a passport size photo.
  7. Please upload all the specified documents.
  8. It will ask for the payment. Choose the payment method as per the necessity and submit the payment details.
  9. Now, you’ll easily download a soft copy of your senior citizen certificate.
  10. That’s it. By following the above steps, senior citizens can easily get this card online.

All you would like to understand about the certificate process in India

The current process for getting a certificate is sort of simple. Most parents don’t need to do much since the hospital handles the whole thing themselves. There are a few of documents that they need to submit, but they receive a selected number of days to urge those and hand them in. within the case that the hospital or medical man didn’t handle this, there’s a web process to use for a certificate. the web site has been a blessing for people since most new parents will struggle to regulate to the very fact that they need a replacement child within the house and can’t keep making multiple trips to the Registrar’s office.

What are the advantages of using the certificate website?

Other than assisting with the registration of birth certificates, the web site can do such a lot more. It allows people to use for copies of their birth certificate if they lost theirs or got to make copies of them. Additionally, it allows people to form changes to the content of their certificate if there have been errors or typos once they initially created the certificate.

Furthermore, there’s information about the whole process, along side the forms and extra supporting documents mentioned on the web site, so people can gather everything before they start the method. Since they will handle uploading this information at their convenience and not during work hours, it makes the method easier still.

The website is fast and allows people to affect all the services that would be handled at the Registrar for Births and Deaths without having to go away their homes. Overall, this is often an enormous deal while the planet is handling the Coronavirus pandemic with people trying their best to remain reception and not leave anyway.

What are the advantages of getting a birth certificate?

There are multiple benefits of getting a certificate and these are:

  • Getting admission to colleges
  • Proving their age for employment.
  • Proving their age for marriage.
  • Establishing their parentage.
  • Establishing their age for enrollment in Electoral Rolls
  • Establishing their age for insurance purposes.
  • Registering within the National Population Register (NPR).

How to apply for a certificate when handling the method offline?

  • Forms to register for a certificate are available at the offices of the respective Registrars. Furthermore, when children are born in hospitals, these application forms are provided by the medic Incharge.
  • Whether parents received the appliance forms through the Registrar or hospital, it’s to be filled and submitted to the Registrar. they need to submit a few of documents just like the birth report by the hospital and proof of identity of the oldsters along side the shape.
  • Once the documents are submitted, the registrar verifies the birth records, just like the date, time, place of birth, the parent’s ID proof, home etc.), and that they issue the certificate to the applicant.
  • Under Section 14 of the Act, the oldsters can name the kid after receiving the certificate. In these instances, the name is often entered by the concerned registration authority during a year, without being charged a further amount.

How to set about the method of Renewing your Passport?

For the longest time, the passport process has been seen as this giant burden that folks browsing keep dreading. we’ve come an extended way since then and it’s not as bid a deal anymore, as long as all the papers for your passport are so as and every one the small print mentioned on your passport are correct. Most passports, if made round the time that you simply are turning 18, usually have a ten to fifteen years expiration date, with a really few exceptions.

We do need to mention that the method of renewing passports varies counting on the country that the passport is from but in India, the method is sort of standard across the board.

Here are a couple of tips that could confine your mind when working toward renewing your passport.

Passports can only be renewed on the brink of their expiration date which prevents people from getting this done well beforehand. However, it might be knowing to begin the method between six to eight months before expiration. Although the method doesn’t take that long, it might be knowing to leave a buffer since there are instances where there might be a delay and therefore the last item anyone would want has to start out from scratch.

Since handling a ​ passport renewal​ is sort of a challenge on the web for a few people, there are other alternatives. Passports can now be renewed through the mail and this will even be wiped out person. If an applicant wants to renew their passport through the mail, there are certain guidelines that they need to follow:

  • The passport can’t be damaged or mutilated.
  • It has to possess been applied for within the last 15 years.
  • The passport could never are lost or stolen.
  • The passport should have all the right details thereon, albeit it had been applied for a decade before.

If the passport process is being handled through the postal system, there are a few of forms that need to be filled out and posted over. This has got to be done along side the supporting documents needed for a passport renewal. Finally, the first passport has got to be sent over also. All of this is able to be sent to the closest passport office and that they would process and verify everything at their end.

Make sure that a payment amount and method has been attached also. If there are other documents and changes that require to be handled, like a post-marriage name change, or a replacement address since you moved since the last time, add that information also. Finally, if the passport authorities are to handle the ​passport renewal​ and send it back, suggest a way to urge this done, the foremost popular being trackable postage.

The process is sort of similar if it’s being handled face to face, the sole major difference being that the applicant would need to attend the office themselves with all their documents, and mention if they might have an interest in collecting their passport an equivalent way or through the post.