Five Best Apps to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

Space Break Phone Addiction

Five Best Apps to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

Picture this: A youngster standing at a corner of a packed Delhi metro fidgeting his thumbs while waiting for some games to get downloaded on this phone, where his other phone is popping out from the shirt. A lady beside her with two heavy bags manages to multitask where she plugs her earphones into a smartphone and simultaneously make calls and plays Candy Crush. Just then, a group of students boards the metro laughing their heart out and chitchatting but in a matter of few minutes, their heads are bowed over the dimly-lit screens who are then engrossed checking their social media updates.

We now live in these two worlds, the digital and the physical. The Ericsson Mobility Report 2015 revealed that Indian smartphone users spend more than three hours on mobile phones and check their phone for more than 100 times a day. What makes matters worse is that smartphone addiction is leading to distraction. Psychologists have confirmed that e-addiction is making children lose their interest in their studies or is a major reason for today’s depression among millennials. It’s high time that we give importance to this matter and fight fire with fire. And therefore,

we have come to your rescue with these five best apps that you can download on your smartphone to reduce your addiction.


Flipd, the free app is the ultimate protector for the nomophobians. This app helps you to lock your phone for a certain period of time, and once you do so, there is no going back. You can’t even disable the app even if you restart your phone, so there is no place for cheating. This effective app hides every social media app and games and assures that you stay focused on your work. You can challenge yourself to unplug while you work and even track the time you have saved.


This app helps users refrain from being distracted by blocking apps like Facebook and games. It provides information as to how much one can use the smartphone. You also have the liberty to opt for tailored modes such as e Work, Family, or Me Time that assures you have access to everything that you need but are not distracted by what you don’t.


This app can automatically track how much you use your iPhone, iPad and Android device each day. It forces you to switch off your phone by bombarding your screen with disturbing alerts when you spend more time on the phone.

Space Break Phone Addiction

BreakFree specializes by providing tracking features but it also breaks down the information in understanding the addiction score. It reveals how often one unlocks the phone screen and also logs usage for a day. This app is the best for the ones who have a special love in setting goals and challenge themselves.

Stay on Task

Stay away from your smartphone and get a life. This is the mantra of Stay on Task that helps you boost your productivity. The app confirms whether you are engaged with tasks at random intervals during your day. It is effective if you are one of those who is always day-dreaming and twiddling your fingers on the phone.

If you have any more suggestions to control phone addiction, share your thoughts in the comment section below.