Five Best Pop-Up Camera Phones That Have Captured the Market

Five Best Pop-Up Camera Phones

Five Best Pop-Up Camera Phones That Have Captured the Market

Pop-up cameras have been a major breakthrough in the world of mobile technology and have also captured the fancy of consumers in a very short period of time. While the technology was first adopted by the Chinese smartphone company VivoNEX, recent tech events have seen a quick flurry of phone launches that sport this amazing feature with different, unique nomenclatures.

Here is our top pick of the best pop-up cameras currently in the market –

One plus 7 Pro

OnePlus has taken a unique route in terms of designing its pop-up camera mechanism. The camera sits as a separate component inside the body of the new OnePlus 7 Pro, and it rises out mechanically when you want it. But what happens if you drop your phone accidentally? The sensors auto-detect when the camera is falling, and they quickly force the camera to retract into the body. It retracts so quickly that you can hardly notice. The phone also has a built-in anti-dust feature, helping make it even more durable and useful. The device has 16megapixels packed in, which is higher than usual for most selfie cameras. That means it should deliver detailed selfies.

OPPO Reno 10x zoom

This is possibly one of the best OPPOcamera phones to have come out in recent times. The Reno 10x Zoom is about seeing the world from a completely different angle. The technology behind Reno 10x Zoom elevates photography and mobile entertainment in all-new features. In front of the camera phone, it appears that there is no selfie camera, which in turn increases the size of the display. But actually, OPPO has built-in a unique shark-fin rising camera, which is a hinged pop-up design. This camera features a 16-megapixel sensor with a maximum aperture of f/2.

This phone was the first one to introduce the pop-out selfie camera and after this, many brands followed suit. In the front, you can see an 8 MP pop-up front-facing camera, which when started, will make a sound to notify the user that the camera has risen. This pop-up camera will sit on the top left of the display. The rising camera will only rise when you’ll on the selfie mode.

Oppo F11 Pro Marvel edition

Before the Chinese brand launched the shark-fin, it came up with the regular pop-up selfie camera in its OPPO F11 Pro. The front camera on the device is a pop-up one and is very fast at that. It opens in a less than a second and takes the same time to go back down. Quality of the 16 MP front sensor is also quite great, and users can see the OPPO brand of screen smoothing taking effect in almost every click.

Samsung Galaxy A80

How could Samsung, the king of smartphone cameras, stay behind in the game of bringing pop-up cameras into the world. The Galaxy A80 not only has a pop-up triple camera system, but those three lenses also rotate to act as selfie snappers. This is also the phone’s biggest design point, where a section the same width as the phone rises up when you switch to selfie mode in the camera app. The rise is smooth, and the subsequent spin of the triple camera back is a novelty in this category.


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