Google Goes Dessert-Free for Next Android OS

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Google Goes Dessert-Free for Next Android OS

Google has announced a complete rebranding of the Android OS with a major change in its official names. The official name for the next major version of the OS, which was previously known to be Android Q, is now simply going to be called Android 10. Google has announced that the era of using dessert names as the official brand for each major Android release has come to an end.

In an exclusive chat with media portals, Sydney Thomashow, Google’s lead for the brand and creative for Android, said that the reason for the Android refresh in the first place is that the company wanted the Android brand to be more inclusive and recognizable to a worldwide audience. Additionally, Google’s tradition of using dessert names as Android release brands could get in the way of that desire for worldwide name recognition. Since names such as KitKat and Nougat are not known in many markets in the world, the decision was made to ditch the sweet treats and use version numbers instead.

The first version of Android OS, 1.0, had no codename at all. Neither did Android 1.1.  Google’s first, official, codenamed Android OS was 1.5, which was dessert-themed: Cupcake.A program manager at Google, Ryan Gibson, is credited with the name, but his reasons for choosing Cupcake are still unknown. Although officially, Google said that the reason for using dessert and treat names for Android versions was simple – “Since these devices make our lives so sweet, each Android version is named after a dessert.”

Now the next version of Android from Google will be known as Android 10, much like Apple’s iOS uses numbers for all its major releases, or what Microsoft does with the Windows operating system launches, except for Millenium, XP, and Vista.

The announcement has obviously left some long-time fans pretty distraught. There has been ton of debate about this change, with most people agreeing that the rebranding was necessary for Google to become a bigger and better brand. But one thing is for sure, everyone is definitely going to miss the unique and fun OS names. It was quite a departure from all other brands.

What do you think about the initiative? Has Google made the right choice in scrapping the dessert-themed codenames?