Google Has Removed Ad Service Fee for News Channels

Google ads

Tech giant Google recently announced it will remove the small fee it charges news publishers to select which ads to show on their online platforms for the coming five months.

News publicists, especially the print media, have struggled, as many advertisers withdrew their business budgets to rein in prices because of economic slowdown linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.The organization has already walked up to give small- and medium-size companies financial assistance with open ad credits for those with existing accounts in the month of March.

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Not every publisher managing the ad exchange program will qualify for relief. It will support those publishers following original journalism. The financial reserve aims to support those publishers that hold ads appearing alongside communication coverage, important news that keeps online platforms and apps moving.

The famous service Google Ad Manager, for which charges are being removed, is the highly-used ad serving tool between news publishers, in part because of its economical cost of pennies per thousand ads displayed to users. For smaller services, it is free.

The more substantial expense for publishers is dealing with Google and other tech associates that help them sell off ad slots.  The tech giant said it is still operating on other ways to give financial support to news organizations.

Even social giant Facebook announced $100 million in financing and advertising spending to help news organizations reeling from pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.