Google is Adding Feature to Inform Users of Sub-Standard Search Results

Google Search

Technology giant Google is seemingly planning to add a new feature that will give users a hint when its algorithm thinks that the search results might not be very helpful. Google announced this feature to the search results, which will notify users that the search results might not match well to the query they have for the search engine.

There have been multiple instances where users have experienced a case that a search for something on Google and the recommended results don’t really match. Now, Google has taken complete care of that eventuality. The prompt will state something like – ‘It looks like that there are not any good matches related to your query’. The message will pop up before showing the related searches. Google will also show recommendations to help users get better search results for queries.

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The launch is new, but the feature has been in the works for a while now. Google already notifies users when there are not any search results present on the internet related to a query. However, that happens rarely these days, since the internet is getting bigger with Google improving at analyzing and indexing the web.

Although users will still be able to scroll through the suggested results. Google also currently shows suggestions for more accurate spellings and phrasing to minimize displaying irrelevant search results for a user query.

According to a statement from Google, this message should not pop up very often as the idea is to provide better search results for a user query. “Google Search aims to produce search results that fit your query well so that you can get the best possible search results related to what you are looking for over the internet. However, the new addition will be useful as sometimes knowing that there is not any answer related to your query available out there can be virtually as helpful as getting the solutions first off,” the search giant has said.