Google Requires All Devices To Run On Android 10 After January 31, 2020


Google Requires All Devices To Run On Android 10 After January 31, 2020

US-based search giant, Google has made it compulsory for every smartphone manufacturer to ship devices with Android 10 after January 31, 2020. After this, Google will not approve new devices that do not run the latest Android 10 and the company will not accept any new devices running Android 9 Pie.


The information was shared by the latest version of Google’s GMS requirements. GMS stands for Google Mobile Services, which denotes a suite of Google apps, services, and libraries that must be licensed by OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners.

It is essential to license GMS as it facilitates the smartphone makers to pre-install Google Play Store and Google Play Services on their smartphones.


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According to reports, if the GMS needs to be preloaded, the OEMs need to submit the software builds for each device they make to Google for approval.


The approval process includes meeting the requirements in the Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and the GMS Requirements document, passing automated test suites like the Compatibility Test Suite (CTS), Google Test Suite (GTS) and Vendor Test Suite (VTS). 

However, the new deadline that is set does not ascertain that every smartphone launched after January 31, 2020, will run on Android 10. Smartphone makers can launch new phones that run on Android 9.0 Pie if they get approval for GMS from the Mountain View, California based company before the January 31 deadline. All Android phones approved after January 31, 2020, will run on Android 10.


For smartphones that don’t get an update of Android 10, Google will accept the software updates that are based on Android 9.0 Pie until the launch of Android 11, which will take place on August 2020. After the launch of Android 11, Google will only approve security updates for devices running on Android Pie. Besides, Google is also working on making it compulsory for Android smartphone makers to pre-install the Digital Wellbeing app with built-in parental controls on their smartphones.