Google Rolls Out Zoom-Like Grid Layout for Meet App

Google Meet Grid Layout

With the coronavirus crisis in full swing, and work from home becoming the new normal, despite us inching closer to end of the lockdown, video calling apps have become a big part and parcel of our lives. Owing to this new reality, Goggle has changed Hangouts and renamed it to Google Meet, all the while making a steady case for it becoming a premier video conferencing app, and take on competitors like Zoom.

According to earlier reports, Google Meet was anyway planning to adopt a Zoom-like grid system that allows 16 people to join in on the call simultaneously. The number of people on a single call was earlier limited to four, but the company has now extended that and allowed 16 people to join in. In addition, it will now also be able to show users a 16-layout grid, instead of four.

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This is ideal for bigger office meetings and conferences. Google has also improved the call quality in terms of video conferencing. Users can just share a Chrome tab rather than the entire screen now. Moreover, some of the other additions include a low-light mode that uses AI to automatically adjust the visibility during dimly lit situations or environments.

Meet will also ensure that background noise is filtered out using noise cancellation techniques. However, this option is yet to roll out, and will soon be available to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers, on web.