Growing Youth Inclination Towards Gaming Apps

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Growing Youth Inclination Towards Gaming Apps

In the last few decades, studies that investigated the effects of media on children and youth have shown a massive attraction towards media and its various gaming apps. They are affected both in positive and negative ways. However, it is interesting that still there are enough who know about the impacts that the media has been making in young people’s minds and choices.

Analyzing the new media landscape, changes in technologies are replacing the old ones, that too at a spectacular pace. With technological innovations and attractive themes as well, online gaming has become a potent growing industry nowadays. While probing the new statistics of the number of game app players, we, at Funnearn, found that people are turning toward online games. This is not only because they cherish the knack for sporty game ventures, but the shift in those games from a pure entertainment appetite to skill based and money earning start-up attracts the younger generation to a greater extent. And this is the very reason for the success Funnearn has made in the gaming industry within six months of its launch.

From the living room domains of the 1970s and 80s, mobile gaming slowly began to move to the private space of the game rooters. In the 1990s, youngsters spent an average of three to four hours with mobile gaming. Now, according to a research report in The Journal of Pediatrics, an average time of 20 hours per week is spent in playing games. Children and youth are spending most of the time with mobile games in their lives.

Along with social media sites, online gaming sites are also becoming popular among youths. About 95% of teenagers have access to smartphones and among them, 45% are online constantly. Some of the stunning mobile gaming statistics we have found are:

  • About 50% of the global games market is occupied by the mobile game gaming market
  • App category which is the third most popular is gaming
  • The average estimation of people who are expected to play mobile games in 2019 is 2.4 billion
  • The gaming industry is expecting to reach a worth of more than $174 billion by 2021

In India, the digital gaming sector is approximated to reach a worth of $1.1 billion by 2020. The recent uprising of mobile gaming in the global market establishes the huge inclination towards online gaming market entrepreneurship in order to fulfill the gaming zeal of the youngsters. Our inspection found out that game developers are not focusing on their own growth only, but are also creating skillful games for the betterment of the mass youth. This new technical interaction by intriguing mobile gaming apps, in addition to the improvisation of skills, provides a financial benefit too. Like us, many other gaming platforms have extended their horizons and receive huge acclaim for the money earning capabilities they offer.

The heightening use of smartphones is one of the major reasons for the development and proliferation of digital gaming. Hence, one can witness two-fold progress in the technological arena where online gaming is proliferating through smartphones. The modern, digitally-active era which is exposed to the rising youth population is becoming a hub of mobile gaming. The new gaming outbursts are indispensable for both fun and skills and even the popularity of mobile games is demanding the same. The top-notch gaming experience is bringing creative minds and talented players to the podium of acquisition rather than luck, and these analyses show that our achievements have contributed meaningfully to a virile domain.