GSM Association Cancels Mobile World Congress due to Coronavirus

Mobile World Congress

Covid-I9 or the Coronavirus has disrupted the biggest telecom event, Mobile World Congress (MWC), that was scheduled to kick off on 24th February. The organizers for the event, GSM Association, have cancelled the event as the cases for the virus spiked 14K in one day.

The outbreak and rapid spread of the coronavirus from Wuhan, China is destroying lives not only in China, but also in the neighbouring countries and remote parts of the world. Over the past few weeks, the deadly coronavirus has escalated at a greater rate.

As per the organizers, GSMA, this decision was taken for a safe and healthy environment in Barcelona. Also, the global concern for the coronavirus outbreak and travel concern is making it difficult to host the event.

Moreover, many major participants had already pulled their names off the list much before the official cancellation of the event. These include Amazon, Facebook, LG, Sony, Intel, Nvidia, Huawei, OPPO and many more. Without the presence of these major players, the event was already a half disaster. Now, there are two confirmed cases of coronavirus in Spain and to keep the environment of Barcelona safe, GSMA has cancelled the event.

Currently, the situation is under control and there are no cases of the virus in Barcelona. But, MWC is not the only event affected by the outspread of coronavirus, several other businesses like Art Basel Hong Kong and Formula 1 are also postponed or cancelled for global safety.

From late December, when Coronavirus started spreading from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the Covid-i9 virus has killed over 1,100 people and has infected more than 60000 people globally. But, on February 13 the cases of infection spiked more than 14000 after the Chinese health authorities re-confirmed the diagnosis for the disease.