How to gain popularity on Spotify


Creating playlists is one of the most entertaining things to do. It is something you can do just for yourself, but it can also help you to gain popularity and a significant amount of followers who will appreciate your selection and outstanding taste in music.

Spotify, as the largest music platform, allows you to create a playlist and share it with thousands of other users. It gives you a great chance to help them discover the treasure of the music world. However, Spotify keeps the methods behind becoming popular as a secret. There are no obvious and exact ways of making a popular playlist or gaining followers. But, in this article, we are giving you some tips and tricks that other users and creators are talking about. They are saying that these methods worked for them to achieve success and gain fame on the platform.

  1. Be original

Sounds obvious and easier to say than do. But that really is the secret behind every success. Everyone seeks new content, something never-seen and fresh, so try to collect tracks and songs more unique and less known. Do not just grab a bunch of old, well-known songs and put them on your list. People already know them. Try to dive into a new genre or subgenre, discover less popular bands and artists who create amazing music. Support them by taking their music in the spotlight and increase your chances to become the one who said a new word in the industry.

  1. The first  song is crucial

The first song in your playlist will be the most played song from the entire list. This is why you should place the song you are most excited about at the first spot. Usually, users will check out the first song and decide right after follow or leave. Make sure the first track is catching and prominent.

  1. Blending is important

Try to arrange your songs in a way that will make them flow nicely after another. It takes some time to test out different positions and arrangements, but you’ll improve over time. This is why listening to your playlist is important. If you play your playlist often, notice flows and work on improving it regularly.

  1. Post your playlist on other social platforms

You should post your playlist, like, EVERYWHERE. This will always be the best way to reach out to as many people as possible, especially, if you have a strong background on other platforms and have a good amount of followers. Even if you don’t, still share it with your friends and let them listen to your music. If you have a hard time waiting when your profile will gain momentum, you can always buy Spotify plays and go forward.

  1. Chose wisely

The better your playlist will be the faster it will gain popularity. So, choose only the best songs for your selection and always make sure only the highest quality will cross your standard lines. Consider adding new songs to your list thoroughly _ is it a good match for the rest of the content? Is it a really exciting song? If it is, then go ahead and add the new gem to your collection. Your followers are the people who trust your choices, so take this process as a responsibility.

  1. Keep the theme consistent

Before you create a playlist it would be better if you already have an idea of what it will be about, the genres and artists it will cover and the mood it will have. Once you have a clearer image of what you are doing, the process of creation will get easier, choosing songs will be simple and the playlist will feel more put together and pleasant to listen to.

  1. Mention a few popular artists

Add some famous artists from your playlist title. First of all, it will attract attention. But the main benefit from this trick is that your content has an increased chance to show up in search results after searching out these artists on different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. So, take advantage and add your favorite artist name in your bio or titles. The genre names will work as well. Try to use these keywords wisely, don’t throw them randomly, blend them into creative sentences and get unique, meaningful names and descriptions.

  1. Use Spotify community

Spotify has a special forum for users to post their playlists and share with others. Post your playlist with a little description and relevant tags and help people find your outstanding music selection. This also is an amazing platform to find out trends, connect with other creators and artists, find other great playlists and discover new music.

These are the simplest ways you can gain followers on Spotify and become successful on the platform, apply them to your marketing strategy and be patient! You’ll see the best results after a short period of time.