How To Install Airtel Wi-Fi Calling On Your Smartphone

Airtel Wifi Calling

How To Install Airtel Wi-Fi Calling On Your Smartphone

The largest telecommunications company in India, Airtel, has recently announced the launch of the country’s first voice over Wi-Fi service. Named by the company as Airtel Wi-Fi Calling, it is available in Delhi NCR and is expected to gradually roll out across the country soon.

So, what exactly is voice over Wi-Fi? This piece of innovation has been in the US for many years now. Did you know that US telecom giant Sprint started offering the service way back in 2014, followed by all the other major carriers of the country?

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The benefits of Wi-Fi calling are aplenty. It is convenient because it allows users to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi even if they don’t have a signal. Unlike services such as Skype, FaceTime, or Duo, Wi-Fi calling lets you use your existing phone number without the need to download a separate app.

According to the company, Airtel Wi-Fi Calling works in this same way. This is how you can set up and Install Airtel Wi-Fi Calling service on your phone as well –

  • Check if your smartphone is compatible with the service at Some of the devices that are currently compatible with the service include OnePlus 7T, Pocophone F1, and Samsung Galaxy J6.
  • Make sure to upgrade your device to its latest version.
  • Now navigate to your settings to switch on Wi-Fi calling.
  • Remember, don’t turn off VoLTE so your device can seamlessly transition between standard and Wi-Fi Calling.

That’s it. After following these steps, you will be all set to avail the Airtel voice over WiFi service on your smartphone. Are you going to use the service? Tell us if this new feature appeals to you in the comment section below.

Airtel is currently working with many leading smartphone manufacturers to implement voice over Wi-Fi. So, if your smartphone isn’t compatible yet, check back periodically to see the company’s updated supported devices list.