How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android Device?

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How to Use Chrome Extensions on Android Device?

Google Chrome has become the most demanded browser for windows and Android devices. There are several features in this browser that support this demand and chrome extensions are one of them. The extensions offered by chrome and all of them are easily applicable on Desktop browsers but what about Android devices. How can one install Chrome Extensions on Android devices? The process to install extensions on Android devices is very easy and today we will discuss the most reliable method to install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser.

Chrome extensions are downloaded from the most popular browser extension and utility store, the Chrome Web Store, but for Android devices, the process is a bit tricky. A user needs to get the help of a different browser that accepts add-on installation from the Chrome Web Store.

So, let’s talk about the methods through which you can perform the activity and get your favourite extensions on the Android devices. Yandex and Kiwi are the two browsers that support the add-on extensions of Google Chrome and here are the steps that would help you perform the activity with ease.

Installing Chrome Extensions on Android Devices

  • Through Yandex

    Yandex Browser

    • For this, you must download and install the Yandex Browser from Google Play Store.
    • As the download completes, you must open Chrome Webstore in the Yandex Browser.
    • Now, you must search for any Chrome extension that you wish to download and tap the button “Add to Chrome”.
    • The browser will download the extension and add it to your Yandex Browser.
    • As the process completes, you will find the installed extensions under the settings options of the Yandex browser.
  • Through Kiwi

    Kiwi Browser

    • In this process, you need to download the Kiwi browser in the Android device.
    • As the process of download completes, you must enter chrome://extensions in the Kiwi Browser.
    • Now, you must look for the option, Enable Developer Mode and tap on it. If it doesn’t show up automatically, you must reload the tab.
    • After that, you need to visit in Desktop Mode.
    • At last, search for your desired extension and install them.

These are the two major methods that would help you run Chrome Extensions on Android devices. Though the process is helpful, sometimes you may come across some extensions that might not support the browser, but that is just because of the smartphone web limits. Every extension cannot be supported on the Android browser and to use them you must install them on your computer.