How to Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone?

how to use two whatsapp in one phone

How to Use Two Whatsapp In One Phone?

Are you searching for steps that would help you use two WhatsApp on your mobile phone? Do you want two different WhatsApp accounts to work on your device? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you are in the right place.

Messaging apps have become the most important part of our lives as far as communication is concerned. Whatsapp was introduced to become a platform that brings you closer to friends and family but with its quality service, it has now become a popular channel of communication for business and other organizations as well.

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Due to such a demand for WhatsApp in professional and private lives, dual WhatsApp on a mobile phone is the requirement of every millennial out there. Obviously, we do not like it when some from office bugs in between the private chat. Similarly, there are several other situations when a person might need two WhatsApp on a mobile phone. Below provided are the steps will help you with the same and will help you complete the process smoothly.

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Steps: How to Use Two Whatsapp in one phone

  • At first, you need to install the WhatsApp application in your system from the Google Play Store.
  • After that, you need to register your number in the application.
  • Once done, you must navigate to dual App/Clone or App Twin and tap on it.
  • Now, you will see a list of applications that can be cloned.
  • On the top, you will Whatsapp application. Now, tap on it and then select install.
  • Click on ‘Setup second Whatsapp Account’ and open the secondary application.
  • After that, tap on Agree & Continue while allowing Whatsapp to access files and contacts.
  • At last, you will be asked to register your contact number. Add your secondary number in the provided place and you will be able to run two WhatsApp on one device.

In case, your device does not support the Dual App/Clone facility, you can download a third-party app called parallel space from Google Play Store for using two Whatsapp accounts on the same smartphone.