Huawei may have pipped Apple to grab the second-highest spot in quarterly sales

Huawei may have pipped Apple

Samsung has been the undisputed market leader in terms of sales over the years. However, the fight for the second spot has always been between Huawei and Apple. Last year, for a brief period, Huawei did overtake Apple to grab the second spot, but the former soon reclaimed its spot. However, Huawei is not one to back down.

According to some industry reports, Huawei may have already beaten Apple to grab the second spot in the first quarter of the year. A report from industry research firm OTR Global states that Apple iPhone sales made up just 70 percent of all Huawei handset sales in the first quarter.

The report further states that Apple shipped between 37 million and 42 million iPhones, which was less than Wall Street predictions of between 40 million and 50 million. On the other hand, Huawei’s financial report for the same period claims the company has shipped more than 59 million smartphones, clocking in its highest first-quarter sales.

The reason for the dip in iPhone sales has largely been attributed to the decline in demand for the newer versions of the phone, particularly the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, all of which are the third current-generation smartphones. The sales of these phones have fallen behind the company’s expectations. Additionally, it is believed that the older handsets of the company, such as the iPhone 8, have performed much better in terms of sale as compared to the upgrades.

Apple’s worldwide sales have already dropped 7.3 percent from last year’s third to the fourth quarter, according to research firm Canalys. The company is expected to make an announcement regarding its first-quarter results later this month, with forecasts stating a drop-in revenue of up to 35 percent. In a bid to shore up revenue, Apple has already started slashing rates for its existing phones, but the results of this move are yet to be reflected in its revenue numbers.