Indian Government Issues Advisory Regarding Safety of ZOOM App

Zoom App

In an advisory sent by the Cyber Coordination Centre (CyCord) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Indian government has warned its officials about the use of Zoom app for any official meetings.

Days after the national cyber-security agency Computer Emergency Response Team of India (CERT-In) cautioned against the video-conferencing app, the government took this step, after reports emerged of worldwide hacks. The Zoom app had suddenly gained immense popularity owing to the Coronavirus pandemic that has forced millions around the globe to work from home and connect with colleagues via this platform.

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The Indian government is not the first to do so. In fact, recently even Google and Standard Chartered told their employees to not use the Zoom app. Even the US Senate told its members to not use the app, with the FBI now investigating Zoom after receiving reports from users of being shown pornographic content during virtual meetings.

The CyCord in its advisory highlighted all the security concerns surrounding the Zoom app, and stressed that it should not be used by government offices or officials for any official purposes. However, it has issued no such advisory for personal usage.

CyCord has also added that if individuals choose to use the app in their personal capacity, they should do so by strictly adhering to security best practices enlisted by CERT-In. The official document also includes details on security configurations recommended for individuals using the app in private capacity. Some of these include ways to hide personal meeting IDs, enabling requirement for passwords, etc.

Zoom has been trying very hard to address all these issues across the globe. It has acknowledged the problem and decided to freeze future updates to resolve existing privacy and security issues.