Indians to Become the New Internet Freaks in the Modern World

Out of all the platforms of entertainment that are available for people, the Internet is the most globally used platform in today’s time. And the reason behind this viral success of the Internet is the availability of information, which is also easily accessible.

The Internet has now become answerable to all the questions of people, as their expectations increase with each passing day. We all surf through the Internet whenever we get stuck with a query, or when we are in a need to explore something new. This also turns people to become Internet Freaks.

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Today, we are in a state where we spend most of our time browsing on the Internet for random things. In fact, there has been a massive increase in the time spent on the Internet on a daily basis. A study by Media Agency Zenith states that, how people are turning into Internet Freaks, the average minutes spent on mobile Internet by Indian users was limited to 9.4 minutes daily in 2013, which gradually increased to 54 minutes in 2019!

One must remember that the usage of the Internet is not just limited to using any particular search engine or a particular web browser, but there are several other factors such as social media. Moreover, India is said to be the provider of the maximum number of engagements on social media. As the mobile Internet has provided ease in usage, it is reported that by 2021 the engagement of Indians on the mobile Internet will rise to 79 minutes. The major reason behind this increased involvement is the availability of smartphones, faster connections, better screens, and enhanced applications.

When the internet picked up pace in the late 90s, media was a general medium of staying aware and knowing about the world. But, with the advancements made in technology, and developments made in applications, media has become a source of entertainment in today’s time. Apart from that, it has also become a modern way of carrying out trade and earning profits.

If we talk about the minutes spent on the internet, there are findings by Zenith for Internet Freaks, that state the average time of involvement on the media was 270 minutes in 2013, and today, the time has shifted to an average of 320 minutes a day.

Coming to the engagement of people on social media, the Indian population seems to be obsessed with Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. In India, social media is just not limited to allowing people to connect with each other, but also plays an important role in some of the important events in the country such as elections and sports.

Internet Freaks

Apart from WhatsApp and Facebook, Indian users are also seen engaging effectively on Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There is nothing more personal to the consumers than their handsets and when it comes to India, most of the media consumptions come from the small screen.

As the population rises, and people become more aware of technology and its benefits,they are becoming more Internet Freaks, it is expected that social media consumption will only skyrocket. Moreover, with the expected introduction of 5G,Internet usage will also go up, possibly positioning India at the top in terms of Internet usage across the world.

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