JioMart Now Taking Orders Through WhatsApp


A unique WhatsApp phone number has been started by JioMart, and it is now accepting orders for vital products and confirming availability within 48 hours. This latest service arrives just a week after Facebook took a 9.99 percent stake in Reliance company.

Reliance Jio was reported to include a WhatsApp push for JioMart, and it has instantly started examining it in select regions in Maharashtra. The latest JioMart WhatsApp Booking Service is active in selected areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan presently.

In order to request a purchase on JioMart, users have to save the WhatsApp business phone number assigned to JioMart which is 88500 08000.

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On simply typing ‘Hi’, the organization will then forward a link to the customer’s WhatsApp number. This link should be used within 30 minutes following which it will expire. To receive the link again, the user will simply have to write and send ‘Hi’ on the same chat box again.

When the user clicks on the link shared, it will take the user to JioMart’s page where they’ll be asked for their phone number, city, region, the whole address, and the complete name of the individual who is ordering. After that, the user will be redirected to the menu of items.

After picking the products that are needed, JioMart will share the list of items with the local grocery store on WhatsApp. Once the products are packed and invoiced, the user will get an alert with the grocery store details.

Because the feature is still in its initial stage, the user will have to visit the grocery store specified in the alert and receive the goods. Currently, customers can only buy the products through cash.