LG Announces Latest Mid-Range Device – Velvet

LG Velvet

One of the world’s biggest electronics brand LG has announced its upcoming device that will be the first smartphone in its portfolio to adopt the company’s new design language.

On Easter Sunday, the brand chose to come out with its trademark announcement, where users aroud the world got to know about the impending arrival of this new device, without getting a hold on any of its specifications.

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LG Velvet will mark the beginning of a new phase in the Korea-based company’s method where it will bank on layout instead of specifications to distinguish its product offerings. The company guarantees “responsive beauty”, however, we barely have any further information on what this could mean. There are no photos of the phone available right now either, apart from a logo design.

However, there is indeed verification that the back electronic camera arrangement will have the raindrop layout that was teased recently. According to LG, the name Velvet will make you consider “shiny level of smoothness as well as costs gentleness, two vital qualities of the new phone”.

Initially, the phone was reported to be the first participant of LG’s new mid- array schedule that will change the G- collection, as the business battles to revive its dying mobile department. Previous reports also stated that the real announcement will happen on May 15, which is when we hope to find out more details about the LG Velvet.