LG G9 replacement might debut on May 15

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LG G9 replacement might debut on May 15

Smartphone and electronic giant LG is all set to unveil a new phone series on 15th May this year. The LG G-series will be succeeded by the latest premium device range. While it is still unnamed, it is said that it will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 7-series chipsets and will arrive with support for 5G connectivity. Though it was also said that the LG G9 would be packed with Snapdragon 765G processor but, the plan has been dropped, and the same features will be seen in the upcoming G-series.

A Korean News channel has said that the brand held a discussion with 3-4 telecom companies in Korea to announce the launch date and get them active for the series. The organization also told the telecom operators that the G-series is being dropped and the latest series will emerge on May 15.

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This new series from the brand will be targeted at the premium segment, and be backed by the outstanding Snapdragon 7-series chipset, which suggests either Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 765G chipset will be there in the device. The good news is that both the chipsets come with a 5G modem and will allow the facility on the upcoming device range from LG.

Keeping this top feature aside, there is a lot of buzz on the name of the latest series. The brand is dropping the G-series name and it is expected to come up with a catchy name on the lines of what Samsung has – like the Galaxy series.  The brand’s smartphone business has decreased repeatedly despite the most advanced innovation and highly-powerful smartphones.  According to the financial report of the brand in 2019, it is going to invest a huge amount of money in mass-premium and mass-tier 5G phones to grow interest for its phones again.

The organization has recently announced modifications to its smartphone range. The V-Series by LG is being kept for sales in Canada and the US. Apart from this, G-Series was believed to be launched for the Indian market. But according to latest news, the G-series will be totally replaced by something new.