LG is all set to launch upcoming smartphone with a unique design

LG Mobiles

Brand LG’s flagship smartphones over the years have all seemed extremely comparable to each other. Be it G7, V40, G8, or V60 you can only recognize the device if you have a photographic memory for their number of cameras. The brand appears now to be changing something for an upcoming smartphone, which will possibly bring in a new and unique design.

The brand has come up with this design language as a representation of the natural environment, with a visual form factor that varies from the general industry trend. There will be a raindrop camera design that features tiny lenses and an LED flash below the bigger main camera, extracting dripping water. The company notes this is in opposition to modern trends for big camera bumps.

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Also, the brand says it’s using a distinct “3D Arc Design” element involving proportional curves on the display and the rear of the smartphone. It’s not quite clear how or whether that would be uncommon as of now. The smartphone giant Samsung discussed much the same idea about the Galaxy Note 7, and even Chinese brand Xiaomi has made similar claims in the past.

No other features of the smartphone itself are available, but it seems like LG will apply this design style throughout its range. The VP and mobile device lab head Cha Yong-duk of LG said “Our forthcoming device will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch. The smartphone will be a first-look at the competitive side that we will be delivering to every LG smartphone going forward.”

According to the Korean Media Naver, the brand would be launching a device on May 15th with a new design intended to replicate the success of Chocolate, the brand’s iconic pre-smartphone series. It will use Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765 with integrated 5G and will launch at a more affordable price point.  We will all have to wait for some time to see the exact design of the device, but LG is surely setting some high expectations this time.