Like stargazing? Here are 5 apps you may want to use

Stargazing Mobile Apps

5 Mobile apps for stargazing

Whether it was the urge to watch the Super Moon that got your astronomical bug itching, or to boast your knowledge about constellations, stars, planets and asteroid showers, stargazing has become more than just a pastime activity. Especially because it’s so much easier to carry around a phone with an app than lugging a telescope to quench your astronomical thirst.

So, take out your phones, download these apps, point it to the night sky, and demystify the entire galaxy with one click.



Available on both Itunes and Google Play for free

If you’re looking for all kinds of augmented-reality tools in a simple stargazing app, SkySafari is the way to go. The best part about this app is that you can ask it to find your favourite celestial bodies with a simple voice command.

Sky Map


Available only on Google Play for free

What started out as an experiment at Google, quickly turned into an open source stargazing app that is loved by many. With this app too, all you have to do is point your phone at the sky and it will automatically direct you towards something amazing.

Star Chart


Available on both Itunes and Google Play for free

This app provides users a peek into the visible universe at the tip of their fingers. From distance to the brightness of stars and even object references, Star Chart will help you become a mini astronomer on your mobile.



Available on both Itunes and Google Play for free

This app is not built for strictly stargazing but all in-depth information from NASA will provide users a vast amount of information on stars, in their pockets. NASA app features latest images, videos, news and mission information straight from the experts in the field.

Solar Walk

Solar Walk

Available on both Itunes and Google Play for free

The Solar Walk app, as the name suggests, takes you on a journey across the solar system. This app is especially great for kids for the purpose of learning because it augments its 3D space model with video clips, which explain a variety of celestial concepts.