Mobile App Development as a Viable Career Option

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development as a Viable Career Option

The demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing by the day. And there’s proof! The average number of new Android app releases per day, from the third quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2018, was a whopping 6,140!

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Using mobile apps for everything – shopping to getting a ride, scheduling appointments, playing video games – is now commonplace. This has pushed up the need for mobile app developers. Companies are beginning to lay special emphasis on people who can develop apps, making mobile app development a good, stable career choice. According to many IT recruiters and managers, the demand for mobile app developers far exceeds the supply at the moment. Moreover, over the next few years, the market for mobile app developers is expected to grow substantially; according to reports, by 2020, as many as 300,000 new mobile app developer roles will be created. Many more companies are switching to only mobile and no web environments; which means the demand will only grow.

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So, what exactly does it mean to be an app developer?

With the necessary qualifications and experience, a career in app development can get you an annual salary more than that of conventional engineers. Of course, it will also depend on your employer and what programs you are using to develop your mobile apps.

Apart from the money, the allure of designing something new that will be used a billion people, and the opportunity to reinvent the way mobile technology is used should also be great reasons to consider a career in this domain. One of the greatest benefits of being in this field is the flexibility it offers. Since it’s still a developing and competitive technology, there’s nothing monotonous about it, and you can expand your areas of expertise as far as you choose.

What will you be doing?

As an app developer, your day-to-day work will include developing, testing, and improving mobile apps, ensuring the quality and functionality of apps is in line with your clients’ requirements. You will be required to write codes for apps for specific operating environments, design the app’s interface, and even provide support for your app so that any issues that arise can immediately be dealt with.

To jump on to the mobile app developer bandwagon, there are many specialized training courses to help you get a quick leg up in this game. However, there’s no better way to build skills and knowledge as a developer than by doing actual development work.

What is your opinion on mobile app development as a career?