Now Movierulz Will Let You Download Latest HD Movies on Your Smartphone


Now Movierulz Will Let You Download Latest HD Movies on Your Smartphone

Are you usually up late at night looking for free movie downloads or platforms where you can stream them online? Do you always end up facing a wall when Google throws up a huge list of free movie websites like Extramovies, Movierulz, Filmywap etc etc..? There is no need to worry anymore. We have something up our sleeves that will make the process of downloading movies on your phone much easier and hassle-free so you can watch it whenever and wherever you want to.

Watching movies online utilizes a lot of time and the internet. There are several websites available on the internet that utilize your data and time but do not provide you the video you are looking for

There are multiple torrents and movie sites that are available for free download of movies, but one, in particular, stands out as a messiah of those who use smartphones to consume all their content– Movierulz.

All about Movierulz

Movierulz is an online, free movie streaming website that you can use to search, download and watch the latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks from wherever you want. Sporting a good interface, both on desktops and mobiles, Movierulz can offer viewers a vast variety of choices in terms of downloading movies for free and watching them from the comfort of their home on their favorite handheld devices.

Not just that, Movierulz also brings you a list of languages for self-entertainment which allows the users to watch their favorite movie in the language they prefer. You can either watch a movie or download it in the language you prefer.

You must also remember that such kind of websites share pirated videos and movies due to which, it is very important for the users to read about the website before downloading content. Movierulz on the other hand, keep the materials on their website away from any kind of problem just to ensure proper entertainment of the users. They also keep an eye on the activities being performed on the website which makes surfing on this website safer than others. Even though there are several pros of the website, it has a con that it exists on the internet which makes it necessary for the consumers to be careful every time they surf on this website.

The top features of Movierulz

Download movies 2019

The Movierulz website features a host of tabs, and each of these tabs on Movierulz caters to a different set of audience so that they can understand how to navigate the website on their smartphones.

The Movierulz website’s most important tabs, that headline the interface of the site, are as follows –

  1. Featured
  2. Hollywood
  3. Bollywood
  4. Tamil
  5. Telugu
  6. Malayalam
  7. Others
  8. Genre

Movierulz allows users the option to choose from a wide range of their favorite genre of movies through these nine tabs so that they can download and watch for free on their smartphones.

The website also has some other features that include finding your favorite songs to stream and play online on your phone for free. There is a multi-audio feature as well on Movierulz. A column on the side displays a long and exhaustive list of recently released movies that users can watch on Movierulz for free. The main page also has thumbnails for multiple movies for users so the selection process becomes easier.

The Movierulz website also has a Live Chat feature so that users can resolve any query they may have while navigating the website. Apart from all of these features, Movierulz also has a search bar to look for whatever movies you want to watch, along with the option to bookmark the entire site if you wish to come back to Movierulz and download some more of your favorite flicks.

The Movierulz also has various other sub-categories for movie buffs, so one can easily look for whatever they want by genre. Users can choose between Animation, action, horror, comedy, suspense, crime and much more. There are several things that a user can watch on this website that include

Steps to Download Movie

  • First, visit the Movierulz website.

Movierulz Step 1

  • Click on the Movie that you want to Download.

Movierulz Step 2

  • Scroll Down and you will see lots of Download links.

Movierulz Step 3

  • Click on any of the Torrent Links. Before Clicking on the Links, you must have any Torrent Magnet Links Downloader, we suggest you to download TorrentVilla Lite or Flud from Google Playstore.
  • It will redirect you to the App, where you see like this below. (Always Click on the Enable sequential download).

Step 4

  • Click on the Plus Sign (+) in the Right Top corner. Now Your Download will Start.

Step 5

When you are bored and do not have anything to do, these steps would guide you to the doors of entertainment. Movierulz will present you with a list of movies and TV shows to choose from. You can choose between action, comedy, horror, crime, and thriller genre to pick out your preferred ones.

We hope this article helps you with plans for the next weekend you decide to binge-watch all your favorite movies. Lie down with your smartphone in one hand, and indulge in the pleasure of non-stop movie watching for free, only on Movierulz.

When to download?

Most of the people who like to watch the movies in the early phase of the release must know that the quality of movies provided on this website changes as per the time duration of the movie’s release. The movies you need to watch just after the release might differ in the quality when compared to the movies that have been released before. Most of the movies that are released are uploaded in MP4 quality on this website whereas, the movies that already have been released can be downloaded in several formats such as 1080p, MP4, 3gp and so on. So, it is advised to download the movies from this website after a certain time once it is available in a better format to watch.


Movierulz is a public torrent website that provides movies online. Users can find Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, and many other language films on this website. It consists of several movies from various film industries available for the users to download in cam or HD prints.

Some people find this website legal and they might be correct up to some extent. But, this website also contains some pirated movies. So, it is an illegal website. You get to download free of cost content in your preferred format, which means you can download movies/series in full HD version, MP4, or partial HD version.

The website is also a great place to know about the insights of the Bollywood industry so the people who are interested in lifestyle and Bollywood can pay a frequent visit on this website and know interesting things from this website.

The best thing about Movierulz is the separation of categories that are maintained in such a manner that finding a movie on this website is easier just like downloading movies from this website.

Though several features make this website unique, you always have to careful while downloading a movie from this website. The reason, this website can easily corrupt your device when movies are downloaded with corrupt files.

One must also be careful about viruses while watching or downloading a movie on Movierulz. It is advised to use antivirus while using this website. There are several movies available that include pirated movies as well. Users must be aware of the problems this website can create and should use this website on their own risk.

So, overall movierulz is a website that provides you with all the movies and series you would like to watch while resting at your home or on the way to your office. From a properly managed list of videos, movies and TV series to watch, you can select your favorite entertainment and enjoy the moment without getting bored.


Piracy is a Crime and we never support this. In this article, we have shared some Knowledge about the Movierulz, only for the Educational Purpose. We don’t support such kind of activity that violate any Law. All media copyrighted to their respected owners. We always support and Educate people to Download or Live Stream the movies from Non- Pirated sites and Apps like Amazon, Netflix etc, that do not Violate any Law.



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