Netflix Launches New Movie With Chris Hemsworth

Netflix New Movie

Extraction, a move that is the brainchild of The Avengers filmmakers Anthony and Joseph Russo, has just arrived on Netflix.

Chris Hemsworth is playing the character Tyler Rake, and he’s a ruthlessly effective, grief-stricken soldier trying to shoot, kill, and bleed his way out of that worry. He engages up for a suicidal mission to help and extract the young boy of an Indian drug lord, and the fight scenes start from there.

Stuntman turned director Sam Hargrave hardly gives Hemsworth even a minute for a coffee and a lie-down. There’s a constant schedule of escaping, hunting, killing, stabbing, throttling, some more shooting, some more running, a lot of bleeding, and a small amount of dialogue.

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This Chris Hemsworth movie on Netflix is all brawn and not a lot of brains, but you’re not arriving here for impressive storytelling and interesting neurosurgical procedure – therefore this movie is all about action scenes. And for the same reason, the movie is getting an impressive response.

I have not been extremely impressed by several of Netflix’s blockbuster works to date. The movie 6 Underground appears in my mind, the Michael Bay film that just was not that great, despite a handsome lead in Ryan Reynolds and an obviously unlimited budget. However, Extraction is a more grounded, more brutal action film than almost anything I’ve seen in recent memory.

Netflix’s Extraction is undoubtedly one of the best Netflix original films you can watch, with the service essentially being recognized for its TV offerings instead. It’s truly one of the greatest non-superhero, action blockbusters.