Nokia 9.2 – Next Android One Flagship Phone

Nokia 9.2

Nokia 9.2 Suspected to be the Next Affordable Android One Flagship Phone

Nokia seems to be blooming once again after being adopted by HMD Global with the Nokia 8, 8 Sirocco, and 7 plus showing success in the international market. Since then, the brand has been putting out imperative technology under the hood of almost every device. But, not all of the devices have been impressive, which is why the brand postponed launching its next flagship device to avoid repeating the mistakes.

As per the reports, HMD Global seems to be involved in making some changes in the upcoming flagship. First of all, Nokia will be dropping the headphone jack just like the Nokia 8 Sirocco. Further, the brand will add Snapdragon 865 processor, bezel-less display, and a 38/48MP front camera. To justify these changes, HMD Global will be pricing Nokia’s upcoming flagship, 9.2 Pureview in the line of Nokia 8, which was a cheap device for the features it offered.

At last, HMD will be dropping the fancy camera setup from the Nokia 9 as well and will be replacing them with the conventional Toshiba lens. It will still be a camera focused phone just like most Nokia flagships, but with a different approach from the previous one.

No matter how dull or impressive they seem, they still are rumors. So, relying completely on them can be foolish. A flagship phone from the warehouse of HMD would be fantastic. The firm is equipped with all the essential ingredients to make a good stock Android phone that can compete against Goggle’s Pixel. Considering that, Nokia’s new flagship phone may become a high-scorer in the smartphone industry.