Now an app to tell you where to invest your appraisal

The ETMONEY app will give you investment tips on your phone

It’s the time of the year for appraisals, and a majority of salaried people are planning to spend the extra money they’ll get on things they have had their hearts set on over the past year. However, a smarter thing to do would be to invest this hard-earned money so that you can indulge more frequently as this money grows.

ETMONEY is India’s first and only integrated platform that is a one-stop solution for all your financial needs. Everything on ETMONEY is paperless, mobile-first, on-demand and personalized for you. Available on Android and iOS, this app is fundamentally reimagining everything related to ‘money’ grounds up and is empowering more than 50 Lakh Indians to make informed financial decisions.

Here are some of the key offerings of the ETMONEY app –

  • Smart Deposit

A majority of us usually keep our idle money in savings bank accounts that offer a low 4% yearly interest, while there are liquid mutual funds that give you a chance to earn up to 50% higher returns. The sad reality is, the information about these liquid funds never reach us because they don’t make much money in commission for agents.

ETMONEY’s ‘SmartDeposit’ is a solution to this problem as it offers up to 50% higher returns on your idle cash along with features of the savings bank and fixed-deposits like 24*7 withdrawal and no mandatory lock-in period. It’s the perfect product for any customer who may need money quickly in their bank account along with giving a better opportunity to their idle cash to earn higher returns.

  • Zero Commissions on Investments

Zero CommissionInvesting in inflation-beating financial products like Mutual Funds is often a pain owing to loads of paperwork required to open a Mutual Fund account and the cost associated with it.

ETMONEY has launched zero-commission investing in Mutual Funds. That means users can invest in any mutual fund scheme with ETMONEY’s paperless & instant KYC procedure without paying a penny in commission or brokerage. This results in investors earning up to 1% higher returns using the ETMONEY app on the same investment as compared to commission-driven plans they buy from agents. Just by saving on this commission, one can earn up to Rs. 25 lakh extra in 25 years.

  • ET Insure

InsurancePeople in this country largely ignore insurance products or struggle to find a best-suited plan – be it is motor insurance for their vehicles or health insurance to cut the high cost of hospitalization or a Term Plan to safeguard the future of their loved ones. The reason could be that people still do not understand the importance of insurance and that the process of purchasing an insurance policy from an agent can be cumbersome because of the lack of transparency and availability of limited options.

ETInsure offers the best insurance policies from more than 20 insurers where you can compare and buy the best plans that have the features you’re looking for within seconds.

  • Spends Tracker and Money Saver

manage your expensesToo busy to keep a tab on your monthly expenses? Ever wondered where all your salary went by halfway through the month?

ETMONEY’s free Spends Tracker and Monthly Saver automatically aggregate all your expenses at one place by tracking your expenses and categorizing them so that you have a track of where your money is going. You also get a weekly/monthly spends summary about your expenses to keep you on top. There is also a feature of setting up automatic bill reminders so you have to never pay a late fee ever again.

  • Loan Pass

LoanWe all may face a cash crunch at any point in our life. However, applying for loans can be a pain considering the tiring application process and recurring bank visits.

ETMONEY’s LoanPass offers a cashless credit line where users can get approval once and borrow from as low as Rs.3,000 to as high as 5 Lakh unlimited number of times instantly with no repeat paperwork and zero collateral using only their smartphone. It’s become India’s go-to end-of-the-month companion with more than 100 Crores in loans disbursed to thousands across India.

  • Gold Deposit

Deposit Gold DigitalyIndians love buying gold — like jewelry and gifts for occasions – marriage, a newborn and many more. We have over 24,000 tones gold worth $900 Billion stashed in homes and bank lockers across the country. Gold buying starts months before the occasion, but it’s not convenient as its only available in fixed amounts, so accumulating it can be costly. Add to that the hefty locker charges you pay to store it.

ETMONEY Gold Deposit is the smartest way to accumulate Gold. There is no need to visit the jeweler, you can buy as low as 2 grams of 24K 99.5% pure gold at a time and your gold is always super secure and there are no storage charges. You can sell gold online later easily at the ongoing market price.

Around 50 lakh Indians have downloaded this app to manage their finances. The app is available in both Android and ioS platforms