Now VPN services have become smart


TTBS presents VPN services for SMEs

VPN (Virtual Private Network) services are the ones which help a user have a secure internet connection. Apart from computers and laptops, even smartphones and tablets can connect through a VPN.

One of the biggest enterprises in connectivity solution provider in India, Tata Tele business Services (TTBS) has recently presented Smart VPN Solutions for SMEs with improved security services and privacy capabilities which makes it easier for enterprises to connect with security and trust.

The VPN launched by the solution provider, privatizes a public cloud network, extending it with the security of a private network. This helps businesses have seamless connectivity, ensuring proactive mitigation from any cyber threat. TTBS demonstrated this solution at its flagship customer connect program.

Benefits of VPN

This Smart VPN is one of the most secure, efficient and scalable solutions for SMEs that delivers a flexible, invincible service experience for data, voice, video and other complex applications. Smart VPN is operator agonistic and offers low-cost optimal internet VPN connectivity, with managed service security services. Also, Smart VPN entails end-to-end data security using sophisticated data encryption protocols to securely transport data traffic over the public internet.

Explaining the features of Smart VPN, Vice President – SME, TTBS, Sourabh Sharma said, “Fast, secure and dependable connectivity is the top of the digital enterprise agenda to manage a data-rich future business. Our Smart VPN solutions will enable SMEs to maximize their growth potential, optimize connectivity costs, enhance their customers’ experience and securely extend reach with instant access to cloud platforms.”

“As SMEs are embracing digital, they are benefitting greatly by adopting cloud-based servers, but are struggling to protect their data in transit as well as manage and monitor exactly who accessed these services. With Smart VPN, they can now have easy-to-use, and highly-secure interface, and a diverse selection of location-specific servers, which allow for reduced latency, high bandwidth, and unobstructed internet access”, he added.