OnePlus Launches ‘Red Cable Club’ For Indian Fans

OnePlus Red Cable Club

OnePlus Launches ‘Red Cable Club’ For Indian Fans

OnePlus is the undisputable king of community engagement. Right from its social media channels to exclusive clubs and groups across mediums, the Chinese phone maker has left no stone unturned to woo its fan base. And rightly so! Guerrilla marketing techniques and aggressive pricing can only take a brand so far. Beyond that, it’s only fan loyalty, feedback, and engagement.

OnePlus has become an expert at these things and with the aim to further reach out to its audience in India, the company has launched the OnePlus Red Cable Club. The online club is open to all OnePlus users, all the way to the original flagship-killer OnePlus One.

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To join this exclusive club, all you need to do is update your phone to the latest software version, head over to the profile settings section, log in with your OnePlus account and link your phone’s IMEI number.

You can also get the latest OnePlus community app from the Google Play Store and log-in to your account and link the phone’s IMEI from there.

Additionally, there are multiple sweepstakes on offer, too. The Red Cable Jackpot, valid till 31st December, will allow you to try your luck once a day at winning curated gift boxes worth INR 1,00,000 or 50% off on OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earphones. This, along with free cloud storage of 50GB free for one year.

Then there is also the OnePlus Care Benefits program, which originally launched back in October, offering a free 1-year extended warranty to OnePlus 6T users. Now it is extended and slightly changed-around and includes an extra warranty for the 7 series and 7T series phones as well. Older models can benefit from 50% off and labor-free battery replacements. And there is also an upgrade plan.

So, OnePlus users, what are you waiting for? Go get your updates right away!