OnePlus Now Officially Confirms Arrival of Bullets Wireless Headset

Bullets Wireless headset

OnePlus Now Officially Confirms Arrival of Bullets Wireless Headset

After much talk about its new wireless charger, OnePlus has now finally gone ahead and confirmed that a new version of the Bullets Wireless headset is also on its way.

The China-based, popular smartphone brand has also confirmed the stupendous fast-charging capabilities of the new headset – plugging them in for 10 minutes will give you enough battery juice for 10 hours of listening time. The current Bullets Wireless 2 charge just as fast, so there is not much change from this.

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The new models are rumoured to have improved battery life, however, from 14 hours on the current model to 20 hours. The tweet by OnePlus, however, has avoided calling the new model by any name, which could allegedly be “Bullets Wireless Z”, matching the name of the OnePlus Z (aka ‘lite’).

While the company isn’t yet ready to show us what the new headset looks like, but @evleaks has taken care of that. Previously the tipster showed everyone the four colour versions and now there are some more lifestyle shots out there as well.

The phones and new accessories will be unveiled on April 14, according to a promo clip from the company itself. It offers the slightest glimpse at OnePlus slider switch, but it’s mostly about touting the 5G capabilities of the new smartphones.

Which of these are you most excited for? The phones or the headset? Let us know!