OPPO Reno series to dazzle you with a quad cam set-up with 20x digital zoom

OPPO Reno-2

OPPO Reno series to dazzle you with a quad-cam set-up with 20x digital zoom

OPPO has always been about pushing the envelope of smartphone camera technology, and with the Reno 2 series in the offing, it looks like the brand is set to redefine the photography status-quo once again.

This launch is significant for the brand not just because of the expectations attached to the popular Reno 10x Zoom, but also because this is the first time that OPPO is going to launch its new device in India first, ahead of a global launch, even before China. This validates its commitment to Indian consumers, thus making India the world’s first market to witness this latest innovation.

The phone will be all about unleashing the user’s creativity. In that pursuit, the second smartphone in the Reno series is also going to be the first-ever OPPO smartphone to feature a quad-camera setup. Moreover, the quad-camera is also expected to offer a full focal length imaging system, with 20x Digital Zoom feature, a 5x Hybrid Zoom, Ultra Dark Mode and Ultra-Stable Video mode. This means that users will now be free of time and place constraints – whether it’s crowded streets or stunning landscapes – to click that perfect picture.

While the quad-cam is definitely the defining feature of the upcoming smartphone, OPPO has not limited its innovation to just one feature. The Reno2 Series’ is expected to carry an Ultra Dark Mode that will cover an entire range of different night scenes, including bright districts, dimly lit nights and lots more. The phone will dazzle users by making it so much easier to enjoy beautiful night scenes, without worrying about getting that optimal brightness; the phone’s technology will take care of all that!

OPPO Reno-2

What’s more, OPPO is also going to bring in an industry-leading Hybrid Image Stabilization technology, which will make for exceptionally clear and smooth video, regardless of what the user is doing. A great option for users who are constantly on the move and love taking action shots.

The Reno2 Series’ will offer unique, multi-perspective capabilities that will defy conventional photography by capturing new perspectives behind the lens. OPPO has already made headlines in the country with the Reno 10x Zoom that was launched earlier this year, and which quickly rose to the ranks of becoming the most preferred premium smartphone brand in India. And now, with the company renewing its focus on quality with every detail, and relying on a consumer-centric approach for success, the new phone could be a giant leap towards winning over users across the globe.