PDFBear 101: Your Best PDF Guide To PDFBear’s Most Useful Tools Right Now

PDF Guide

Never settle for a low-quality PDF tool, which might only cost you some of your invaluable information. PDFBear is known to be one of the best players in terms of providing an excellent PDF experience such as converting PDF files, organizing, and PDF security, and many more. Without further hold-up, here is your guide to PDFBear’s most useful tools.

Unlocking PDF Files

Unlock PDF or PDF Unlock is one of the most useful tools of PDFBear. With this tool, there’s no need to download any software or application in order to access or unlock your file, which is quite impressive. Since PDFBear is an open-source website or tool, you can freely access PDFBear’s Unlock PDF directly without any hassle.

In order for you to unlock secured PDF, you just need to upload your file or PDF to PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool. When you’re done uploading or transferring your file to the system, PDFBear will ask for your unique password. Once you enter your password on the network, PDFbear will unlock your file right away; the whole process will only take a few seconds.

Also, PDFBear provides a 100% guarantee that your file contains crucial information to be protected from possible viruses and malware. PDFBear also ensures that your password will not be stolen by outside threats. To do this, PDFBear adds a top of line customer privacy security, which is a feature that’s unique only to PDFBear.

Password Protect PDF

Password Protect PDF is PDFBear’s unique feature or tool in which you can add or put a protective password to your file. The process is simple; following the same process with PDFBear’s Unlock PDF, you just transfer your file to PDFBear’s Password Protect PDF tool. Once you’re done, just type your unique password, and PDFbear will do the rest.

Always remember that no one else should know about your password or code so that your information will be safe. Unlocking your PDF’s password using Unlock PDF is pretty easy, which means that if you let anyone know your password, stealing your information will be like a walk in the park. On the other hand, your file’s data is 100% safe with PDFBear.

Electronic Sign/eSign PDF

Electronic Sign PDF or eSign PDF is a tool in which you can electronically put your signature or write your signature into your PDF. As impossible as you might think, the technology behind it is pretty straightforward. To electronically sign your PDF, you either need to have an electronic pen or at least a mouse.

PDFBear’s eSign PDF tool helps people like you that don’t want to experience complicated procedures such as printing your file, signing it, and then scanning it in order for you to add your signature on your PDF. By just transferring your file to PDFBear’s eSign PDF tool, you’ll be able to sign your file without spending too much effort.

PDFBear Add Watermark

If you’re in need of a PDF watermark tool, PDFBear’s Add Watermark feature will be handy to you. PDFBear provided all the necessary instructions or steps that you need to follow to put a watermark on your PDF. All you have to do is follow it thoroughly, and you’re good to go.

PDFBear’s Add Watermark tool offers the highest quality output than its competitors. You’ll also have an option in which you can personally customize your watermarks, such as choosing the best font family, style, size, and font color. PDFBear really did excellent work providing the best experience for its client.


PDFBear is indeed a fantastic site that provides a wide range of useful tools such as the PDF tools that have been discussed above. You can still find more tools and features that you might need if you try and visit PDFBear’s main website. Examples of these tools are PDF organizers, PDF optimizers, and PDF converters.