PUBG Mobile launches the new Arctic mode

PUBG mobile

The popular game PUBG Mobile is regularly rolling out all latest updates to make the game better for existing and new players. The fresh modes and specialties added via the updates help to create the right kind of hype among players.

Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, more users are now spending time playing this game and there could have been no better time to bring the much-awaited Arctic Mode to PUBG. The brand has now formally declared that the latest mode will be made accessible to users starting mid-April.

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The company Tencent Games has been giving a glimpse of the new mode for quite some time now through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now, the Arctic mode is finally here and it has been performed on the amazing snow map, Vikendi.

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To play the latest mode, the players just need to guarantee that the PUBG game is up to date. Users can download or update the game by going over to the Play Store or Apple Store on their Android and iOS smartphones.

The latest addition will be accessible under the EvoGround game mode section. The Arctic mode will need the users to maintain their body temperature as it will constantly drop and decrease the player’s health. When playing in this Mode, every user will have a measure that tells their body temperature. Apart from watching out for the temperature meter, users will have to compete against other users to score points.

Here are the few tips to maintain your body heat:

  • Players can use a lighter to make an indoor fire, then search for branches to keep the fire alive.
  • They can hunt wild chickens, get the meat and prepare it to be eaten and repair body temperature.
  • Use sources such as the radiator and health packs.

Also, the players will get to practice snowboards on the map to explore different places on the huge map. This famous game has now also attached drones to the game, which will enable users to scout their neighboring areas to get an advantage over the enemies.